How to make your kitchen the perfect family space

The kitchen is a place for cooking, eating and spending time with the family, but it can sometimes be difficult to incorporate this area into a social space if the layout is unusual or there just isn’t enough space. Here are several ways to open your kitchen to make it a more inviting area that can be incorporated into day to day family life.

Go open plan

Making your rooms flow into one with an open plan design is a great way to make your downstairs spacious and social. Having an open plan living-diner-kitchen is a great way to bring people together, as well as making your space lighter and brighter, as natural light is less filtered down by dividing walls. By opening your kitchen, it will become a place where the family want to spend more time as cooking and eating in a light and airy room, makes for a more pleasant social experience.

In addition, open plan homes add value to your property, with this style selling for more than those with several smaller rooms[1], making it a brilliant investment for the future.

Make it multi-functional

If making your home open plan sounds like a big commitment, you can adapt your existing kitchen to make it multi-functional, by adding features such as a small workspace or peninsula that can be used as a table or breakfast bar. This can be done by adding foldable sleek units that are great to conceal when not in use for smaller spaces. If you have a little more space, create a dining space or small island to use for social gatherings in your kitchen – perfect for entertaining guests too!

Bring the indoors outdoors

Incorporating an outside door into your kitchen is a great way to make the room appear bigger and free flowing, particularly in the summer when you’re more likely to want a seamless transition into the garden. If you’re looking to upgrade, bifold doors from Quickslide are perfect for enhancing light and space in the kitchen or living room, perfect if you like to watch the family play outside or host garden parties.

Incorporate technology

Some people steer away from having a TV in the kitchen, but others find it brings them together, and even find themselves chatting and spending more time together because of it. Having a TV tablet or a speaker in the kitchen while you’re cooking, or cleaning will boost your mood and attract other family members to the space.

Make it storage solution savvy

Smart storage can be incorporated into any size kitchen. From pull out baskets to cupboard door racks and floor to ceiling cabinets, anywhere can be utilised to make more space available on counters and worktops, making your home appear bigger. Open shelving and hanging racks can also be used and look appealing and homely on display. This is great for if you have a smaller kitchen area, as it creates room for more social activities with your loved ones.

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