Why to seriously consider PVC swing doors for your business?

PVC swing doors are hands-free, and they are impact-operated doors. The doors can swing for 180˚arc, and this allows the door to open from either side for their double action. Owing to the flexibility of the PVC door, they absorb the shock and repeated impact caused by the noise, and they do not suffer or inflict damage when they absorb the shock.

The following are the advantages of the PVC swing doors:

  • Since the PVC swing doors are built out of silver anodized or powder-coated aluminum stiles and head, these components make the doors corrosion free and durable
  • They are also made out of stainless steel components and result in hygienic construction.
  • Since the PVC swing doors are made out of top quality PVC panels, these doors can be easily cleaned, and it reduces the cost spent on cleaning.
  • The PVC swing doors comprise of corner brackets, which are welded out of stainless steel. This steel assembly provides the strength to the PVC doors to resist the damage, which might be caused due to repeated impact.
  • There are two types of choices of a flexible seal around jambs, and this can avoid leakage. The types are:
  • PVC for wet wash and food 
  • Dry areas can use a fiber brush
  • These PVC doors leave the vulnerable points to be reinforced. This reduces the tearing of PVC swing doors, and this prolongs the life of the asset.
  • The PVC swing door is installed in such a way that it has a unique tension system. This system exerts a tension throughout the arc while going for the whole swinging, and this tension is constant throughout the swing.
  • The head and side of the PVC door are fixed in such a way that it provides maximum strength and flexibility of installation of the PVC swing doors.
  • The anti-fall strops, which form part of the PVC swing doors, prevent these doors from falling in any event of a major collision or disaster.
  • These PVC swing doors are certified as environmentally safe, and this PVC is formulated by top quality European specifications, and since this is also totally free of all the plasticizers, which are carcinogenic and use of additives. 
  • These PVC swing doors are also very safe to recycle.

The key aspects to look for when you decide to install a PVC swing door are as follows:

  • Quick installation – When you decide to switch to using PVC swinging doors, it takes the decision to install it either at the start of the day or end of the day. The installation of PVC doors is quick and easy. The PVC swinging door is attached above the doorframe, and this can be installed without disturbing the people.
  • Design options – The PVC swinging doors are much better than the stainless steel doors, which do not have many design options. The PVC swinging doors have multiple design options available, which can be customized, based on any customer’s preference. Also, the installation process of the PVC door with any design option is going to take the same time as any other door.
  • Ease for employees –A PVC swing door is beneficial to the employees. Swing doors are far better than the stainless doors, which can cause damage to items as well as to the staff. PVC swing doors can be opened easily, and it only requires very little pressure to push them.
  • Hygiene benefits – PVC swing doors are easy to clean, and therefore there are fewer chances to pass the germs back and forth from the door handles.


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