Always keep it minimal: 5 Easy Rules to follow for a minimal and clean life

A minimal life always means a clean, more organized life that helps you be less stressed and more relaxed. A crowded space can make us stressed or agitated because it will always make us think that we have to do something: I have to clean that some day, I have to get rid of some stuff. That’s why if you keep a daily minimal lifestyle your life will definitely become dreamier and easier. So, here are 5 easy rules to follow for a minimal and clean life:

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1. Always keep your counter tops clean

Counter tops tend to get dirty and full of clutter very often. From kitchen counters, to nightstands, side or coffee tables, the counters in our easy reach are often filled with unnecessary things, mail, recipes or the things we carry in our bags or we forget to put in their place. That’s why we need to keep these counters clean every day. So, make time to do it as soon as you leave the mess or at the end of the day. This way, you will leave a minimal and clutter free life and you will also see better the pretty furniture and deco styling in your home.

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2. Sort your mail and documents

Whether we live an online life or not, we also get some mail, have some paper work to do, collect magazines or offers. These items are becoming fast clutter and we don’t need most of them for a long time. So, make a cute map for the important documents and store them in your library. Also, sort your mail or recipes you need to collect in a cute box that can become a cute deco touch for your home. Other than these, recycle all the unnecessary paper and live a clean and responsible life.

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3. Make time do declutter small spaces on a regular basis

Watch your home closely to see the corners that are the most crowded and full of clutter. Then, make a plan to declutter each space, one at the time. If you make plans on a calendar you will find time to do it and you will see that your home will become cleaner day by day. Another important rule is to maintain these space after you clean and organize them.

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4. Shop responsible

When it comes to our home we tend to buy more things then we need, especially for our kitchen space or for decorating our whole home. So, when you go shopping for your home or you see something you love always ask yourself 3 questions: ”Do I really need this item?”, ,,Does it go with the style of my home?”, ,,Will I have where to store it?”. This will help you keep your home minimal and perfectly decorated.

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5. Wash your dishes after every use

The more we collect dishes, the hardest it is to clean them. The pile will get bigger and bigger, it will look ugly and we will find more excuses to not do them. So, make plans to clean your dreamy dishes in time and always leave your kitchen clutter free. Also, picking up all your dishes and cleaning them after every use will leave all your home clean, gorgeous and always ready for guests.

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