How to Balance Minimalist Design in your Bedroom

The minimalism trend has lasted for a while, and with popular streaming shows, books and blogs about it, the concept certainly isn’t going away. If you’ve looked at minimalism or minimized rooms in the past and thought they looked bleak, boring, stark or uncomfortable, you might be surprised to learn about cozy minimalism. Use these tips on how to balance minimalist design in your bedroom with your innate need for comfort and coziness.

What Cozy Minimalism Is

A few generations ago, people designed with the “more is more” opinion. Bedrooms were filled to the maximum with huge, heavy wooden furniture that was often too big for the space. More recently minimalist designs overtook the trending aesthetic. Cozy minimalism brings balance into the picture. A minimalist room sets the foundation and uses a function-forward design. Pieces, such as your mattress, are chosen based on their usefulness and visual appeal. The result is a happy medium that allows you to express some individuality and create a space that is comfortable and pleasing to the eyes.

How to Get Started With Cozy Minimalism

Minimalism is usually associated with one end of the extreme, and if your bedroom has typically been messy or cluttered, you know what the other end of the extreme is. Cozy minimalism is the balance of these extremes. To get started, choose a comfortable bed with a simple design. If you want to save time, a bed in a box is a wise choice. The bed should be the focal point of your room. Make sure that you’re able to locate the bed diagonally from the door, especially if you are a follower of feng shui. Select a bed with a sleek frame that does not overwhelm the senses.

Add a Few Layers That Focus on Texture and Comfort

Once you’ve chosen a stylish bed, pair of side tables and chest of drawers for your minimalist bedroom, it’s time to add the coziness for balance. These initial layers should focus on texture and comfort. This is the step when you start to personalize your space and make it one in which you feel relaxed and happy. Begin with this process and choose a theme or color scheme. Perhaps you love beaches. Aqua, deep blue and beige could be some good color options. Select side tables with a woven look or rough finish in order to mimic a pier or driftwood. Consider a duvet or comforter in a silky fabric that reflects light the way that the waves do. Choose a rug with a woven or furry texture that could mimic a beach concession stand or fluffy clouds in the sky.

Choose Some Thoughtful Accessories

A few well-planned accessories complete the cozy minimalist look in your bedroom.Some accessories that you might want to consider from home decor singapore for your space include area rugs, throw pillows, an afghan, wall art or a mirror. Avoid going overboard; one or two throw pillows and one afghan on your bed add color without contributing to visual clutter. You may want to add a few additional accessories for the surfaces in your bedroom, such as a potted succulent or a decorative bowl to hold the items you take out of your pocket. These accessories are easy to swap out when you’re ready for a change or when the seasons of the year change.

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