8 Dreamy interiors with olive walls you will be smitten with this season

Inspired by nature and with a retro feeling and a serene vibe, Olive is a must-have for your dreamy walls this season. It’s versatile and it goes in any kind of room, even your kitchen, so check out eight dreamy interiors with olive walls you will be smitten with this season.

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1. Retro moments

A living room painted in olive will look retro inspired, elegant and also dreamy! So match your olive walls with a brown leather sofa and make it super glam with golden details such as a mirror or a floor lamp. Also, add nature elements around this lovely space like seasonal flowers and framed pictures of nature elements.

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2. Retro and cool

For a room that has a new and retro mix, olive is a great wall color. Match these living room walls with retro deco elements like old paintings and make it also more modern with creative objects with an artsy touch. Also, add a tropical and exotic vibe in this space and add oversized green plants around this room.

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3. Nature feeling

Talking about a cool mix between nature and olive walls, surround the olive walls of your bedroom with line art with green details like leaves. This whole setup will make your bedroom resemble more like nature, but also it will make this space more calm and you will get the best sleep and relaxing moments.

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4. Relaxing spot

Make a green spot in your living room with boho and ethno inspired elements. Paint a wall in olive and surround it with relaxing green or woven chairs, rattan furniture, oversized green plants and cool and colorful ethno motifs.

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5. Back in time

Rattan furniture and a gorgeous rattan bed will work wonders with an olive wall. Paint half a wall olive if you want a retro vibe and make the whole interior really relaxing and retro by adding a bathtub in the middle of your bedroom.

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6. Farmhouse vibe

Match your olive kitchen walls with olive kitchen cabinets. Everything will look more stylish, classy and the space will seem bigger. Also, match this color with farmhouse furniture and deco elements and you will have a chic kitchen space with retro accents.

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7. Lazy day

Make your kitchen or dining space look like a beautiful terrace from an exotic destination. Paint the wall in olive, add relaxing benches matched with chairs, all made from nature inspired materials and surround the dining area with neutral art, tree branches and oversized plants.

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8. The retro bathroom

Get inspired by a beautiful bathroom from your favorite inn or B&B and make it chic and retro. Paint it in olive, add golden details like a beautiful vintage mirror and emphasize on the nature spirit of this lovely green with botanical inspired framed pictures.

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