Wood paneling – 5 Reasons we love this new & chic trend for our bathroom space

If you’re wondering about the new bathroom trends, wood paneling is one of the most popular options in 2020, mostly because it look very relaxing! So, check out five reasons we love the new & chic wood paneling trend for our bathroom space:

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1. It make a bathroom look like a SPA

We often dream of a bathroom that looks like a SPA, I sure do! That’s mostly because we try to escape at home from the busy world and we search for a calm and relaxing space that’s often our bathroom or bedroom. So, surround your relaxing bathtub or shower with wood paneling and add also scented candles, green plants and flowers and also nature inspired elements to make this space the perfect home SPA.

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2. It makes the shower cabin look more relaxing

If you want to make your walk in shower chic, beautiful and relaxing choose wood paneling around it. This way your shower will look like one from a chic SPA. Also, to make this elements more stylish surround it with the trendy black steel and choose a matching shower and mirror.

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3. It goes great with other nature inspired elements

This year and also in 2019 we started focusing more and more in nature inspired elements like wood, stone, rattan and raffia and also this year marble is making a huge comeback. So, for a cool and stylish bathroom you can match wood paneling with the popular Calacata marble or the trending colorful marble.

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4. It make you feel like living in the nature

Nothing says a good and relaxing shower or bath like one that makes you feel like living in the nature. Surround your bathroom or shower or why not your whole bathroom with wood paneling and also make the whole space nature themed. Choose green plants in chic vases or pots and decorate your bathroom with ethno prints for your towels and choose a tiny wooden chair or shelf for all your bathroom products or magazines.

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5. It has a glam touch

Very popular in the ’60 and ’70 , wood paneling is back in a modern style and of course, with it’s usual retro vibe. Matched with glossy elements like a round mirror and golden elements it will make the whole bathroom look more glam and also super stylish. Also, match it with fresh flowers and with nature inspired deco elements also made of wood or stone.

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