5 ways to style your kitchen like a pro

Kitchen art is one of the main trends of 2020, so if you like collecting art, keep some for the kitchen also. We tend to disregard the kitchen as a room of the house and only look at it as a place where we cook. All this can be changed by displaying some of the art pieces in the kitchen that can say a lot about our personality.

So here are 5 ways to style your kitchen like a pro by decorating with art:


1.Use a creative mix 

First of all, you are going to need open shelves for an ideal display of the art. The space above the sink is ideal, because all the cutlery and plates come in handy and it’s also great if you need to save space. Secondly, you can get as creative as you can arranging plates in different ways and adding paintings and a carved bust.


2. Different frame shapes

The whole composition in this kitchen is interesting on one hand because of the mixed metals of the hardware – golden and black and on the other hand because of the frame shapes- oval, portrait and rectangular. Unusual, but with a cool result!


3. Matchy matchy

Color coordination is very pleasing for the human eye, so when the colors of the paintings match the one of the shelves the result is very satisfying. 


4. Vintage vibe

If you want to keep a retro vibe in your kitchen, go all in! A series of vintage nature-inspired paintings combined with some China vases plus a golden hardware gives a guaranteed result.


5. Gold everything

We absolutely adore gold, because it has such an opulent effect and completely transforms dull decorations into eye-candy objects. Here, the details from the hanged-shelves, the pots and the frames provide the perfect example on how you can change the look of a boring kitchen into an amazing one.


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