6 ceiling wallpaper ideas for every room

Bold ceilings are a major trend in 2020, so, if you got bored of the plain white surface, wallpapers are an ideal option to revitalize any room. There are many options to choose from, depending on the colors or patterns you like, but remember to take into consideration the rest of your design. Another bonus point is that you can do this makeover to any room in your house.

So, here are 6 ceiling wallpaper ideas for every room:



If you want to make a big statement right from the entrance, choose a banana leaf wallpaper, a timelessly cool choice to brighten any boho-minimalist room. Also, the pattern makes the space look bigger!


2. Closet

Closets are really intimate spaces, where we keep our most personal belongings, so we should really pick something that represents us. If you only want a subtle change, this geometric golden pattern is ideal and in this case it’s also mirroring the pattern found in the rug.


3. Bathroom

Transforming a bathroom could get really expensive, but there are a few tips and tricks for a more affordable makeover. You can paint the radiator with a golden spray, use an old cabinet for the sink area and add a bold wallpaper on the ceiling. The results will be mind-blowing!


4. Living room

An artsy living room needs to have an equal match on the ceiling. The watercolor wallpaper suits perfectly the blue and yellow accents found in the rest of the room and creates such a mesmerizing effect!


5. Kitchen

If this kitchen wouldn’t have featured this floral patterned wallpaper that makes it so special, it would have been pretty dull. The black and white cabinets and shelves allow the wallpaper to be as bold as can be and we simply love it!


6. Bedroom

If you love being by the sea and want to take it to the next level, choose the colors of the sea and sand for a marine inspired bedroom. The wallpaper in this case comes to complete the scenery and it gives the room a holiday vibe!


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