6 superb rattan furniture pieces to dream about in 2020

Rattan is a species of trees from Asia, its wood having the characteristics of being very flexible, lightweight and durable. This makes it the perfect material for furniture, being suitable for both outdoor use and interior design. In the past century, rattan furniture became really popular in the 1970s and now it’s making a big comeback. Because of its versatility, it can be easily integrated in any style from rustic to shabby chic, adding texture and richness to any room.

So, here are 6 superb rattan furniture pieces to dream about in 2020:


1.Hanging rattan chair

This hanging rattan chair inspired from the 70s is hand made from bend rattan and has a scooped seat. It is hanged by a heavy-duty loop and a rope and for extra comfort you can add a pillow or a cushion. 


2.Rattan shelving unit

If you want to add an artful accent in your living room, that is also practical, you can choose a rattan shelving unit. It provides the perfect display of your decorations, books and holiday souvenirs.


3. Vintage vibe

You can even bring the 70s vibe into your bathroom with this rattan storage unit. Here, you can keep the towels, toiletries and cleaning products in handy and bring a vintage vibe to your bathroom.


4. Rattan peacock chair

This peacock chair has a contemporary twist because of the lack metal legs and we absolutely adore the feather-inspired design. The chair is handcrafted and brings the holiday vine into any room.


5. Rattan mirror

The sunburst mirror is one of the trendiest pieces of decor at the moment, but this time we find it refined. The airy rattan texture welcomes nature into your home.


6. Rattan dreams

Rattan beds are also making a major comeback and they’re adorable because of the delicate weave design and the tropical vibe they infuse into any bedroom.


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