6 Essential Rules for Designing a Teen Bedroom

  1. The perfect color of the furniture is white. It’s completely neutral and even combined with bright saturated colors. It’s suitable for any design style, the dust is not visible on it, it’s not visually overloaded, because the number of furnishings per unit of surface area in the teenager’s room is quite big.
  2. Color palette: white, beige, gray, black, wood. Teens love to design and adapt a room on their own. There will be a bunch of accessories and unnecessary stuff that have their own colors and share of attention. So if we add more colors to the decoration, either we won’t get the room personalized or it will look really sad.
  3. Your main design goal is lighting. In case of basic decoration and diversity in accessories, the light puts the parts of the interior together. Hidden LED strips, garlands, floor lamps, wall sconces, LED RGB lighting (where you could choose the colors), etc. You will be really grateful for these extras.
  4. Avoid excessive designing and decorating. All that is easy and cheap to change – let the teenager choose. Avoid a bunch of problems.
  5. Get storage places closed. The more there are, the easier it is to keep order in the room.
  6. Check out a list of design styles to be up-to-date. My opinion is that the room for a teenager should be trendy. Classics is unreal to deal with. Top modern designs are scandinavian, minimalism, and loft.

And now let’s talk about classy teens room ideas.

5 awesome teen bedroom ideas

You can use these ideas either as something you can advise your kids or as something you need to be prepared for because they will add it themselves.

  1. Vinyl records as wall decor.
  2. Photo collages and posters on the walls.
  3. Plain white or yellow garlands on the walls. You can also add some photos with clips.
  4. Replace the windowsill with a wider one to be able to sit or even lie on it.
  5. Teen’s corner: a mirror with lamps for girls (a make-up mirror) and a punching bag for boys.

In addition, it goes very often that any garbage that makes some sense and memories to a teenager could be an element of the overall design – and that is ok.

Lighting is the root of everything!

Light is a crucial key element of the teen’s room interior. As much as possible. Of different kinds. The more opportunities you have to highlight a part of the room – the wall or anything – without using the main overhead light, the better it would be. If you’re not confident whether the room is bright enough, just use a portable light meter to check it out. In general, this also goes for adults – many people feel comfortable with the backlight, especially in the bedroom.

This is probably the only thing your kid won’t argue with. The sources of evening dim lighting – you can use the basic white or yellow, or neon – everybody would like it regardless of their gender.

You can use hidden LED strips as fixed additional lighting. They must be set before the renovation starts. Because you need to think of a place for them, make the power supply with access for maintenance.

There are easier but also remarkable portable sources – a floor lamp and garlands. They can be added at any time. The main thing is that there should be many outlets. Having lots of gadgets, the outlets spotted everywhere is a must.


If your kid is above 12-14 years old, there’s no need for some special baby’s furniture. You have to focus on completely adult tastes and needs:

  • A comfortable place to sleep with a solid mattress. A good mattress isn’t cheap and you shouldn’t change it every time your kid overgrows it. Therefore, the bed must be purchased as an adult size immediately. And keep in mind you are already making a bedroom for a teenager but not a nursery for a baby.
  • A working desk with a computer or a laptop (because of continuous studying).
  • Lots of closed cabinets and shelves for keeping stuff. The cupboards should better touch the ceiling – it looks monolithic and classy, and it prevents the trash to be accumulated as well as it uses the space to the maximum.
  • In addition, a mirror should be set for girls or a sports corner for boys.
  • Closed storage areas are the key to keep everything in order.

The colors of the furniture should be white or light gray. Dark gray and black in terms of color combinations are also risk-free but not so practical as the dust is visible.

If a small space left for a teens bedroom, you have to use the height. The common option is a loft bed. So the bed is moved to the second level so there’s quite enough space for a sofa, wardrobe or table on the first floor below. It’s getting more popular and is no longer an extraordinary piece of furniture. You can check out a detailed loft bed review on SmartHomeDesk.com. Alternatively, you could consider placing drawers under the bed.

Bottom line

Remaking a kid’s room into a teen’s bedroom is often a non-trivial task. But it’s also not worth having fights about, so don’t be afraid of letting your kid make interior decisions. Even if he fails, let it be his mistake. Good luck with your renovation!

Photo by Elina Sazonova from Pexels

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