7 Hot decorating colors for 2020

No home is ever complete without a pop of color or without that fabulous shade that’s trending right now. So, here are the top 10 colors you need in your home for the new year and how to style them:

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1. Classic blue

Let’s start with safe and soft shades like Classic blue, Pantone’s star shade for 2020. This calm and relaxing color can look very retro with an Earthy color palette or really calm and modern with a neutral color scheme.

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2. Sky blue

More modern and funky looking than Classic blue, Sky blue looks really trendy in any kind of interior and also has that calm twist to it. Style it with glam elements or nature inspired decoration and you will have a fabulous interior.

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3. Champagne

Subtle, yet chic, this shade is amazing for a modern interior or for a minimal or Scandinavian home. Pair it with dark accents for a trendy look and enjoy its calm and relaxing vibe.

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4. Lemon yellow

Let’s start talking about bold colors and when speaking of colorful deco accents that bring joy and a happiness into any kind of home, bright yellow is definitely one of them! For the new year try Lemon yellow and enjoy its fresh vibe in an eclectic or retro inspired space, styled with both neutral or bold shades.

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5. Fucsia

Another daring shade is fucsia, one of the star shades for this new year. It’s crazy, artsy and will look amazing in fancy, modern or eclectic spaces. Style it with bold shades, neon lights and gorgeous retro furniture and oversized plants and dream on about it’s artsy, fantasy inspired and exotic vibe.

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6. Pumpkin red

A mix between orange and red, Pumpkin red definitely shows the glorious retro years. So, choose it for vintage or retro inspired rooms and you will see that this shade has a cozy and warm vibe to it.

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7. Gold

Because we love extravagance and the art deco style, gold in all is shades will be huge in 2020! Pair it with an all white room or style in in a retro way with Earthy shades. Go vintage pairing gold with the dreamy Seventies shades or go tropical and pair it with pink and green.

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