The Right Garden Hose For Your Garden

You might think that all garden hoses are safe to use, but that is wrong. Some pipes produce water that has toxins in it. You need the right garden hose to make sure that your plants and family are safe.

A good idea is to separate pipes. PVC Hose pipes are great for gardening. And as for drinking, get a pipe that says safe drinking on it. Our environment is not the same as it was, and it’s because of pollution. The contamination of water is now a common thing. It happens in the lakes, ponds, and rivers. Also, underground water and water in air share the same fate. You can’t control all the damage but start with your own house. Try to stay pollution-free. And that means getting rid of polluting things that you own. Your garden hose is one of the culprits.

Having an unsafe pipe is a health hazard. It emits neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors. And these chemicals will do a lot of damage to your children’s health. The best option is a natural rubber hose. Or you could go with polyurethane, that is food grade. These are safer than the other pipes that are available in the market.

Choosing the Right Hose

When choosing a hose, make sure that it doesn’t contain lead. The stabilizers and pigments have the lead that can pass on to the water. Green and yellow hoses may have lead in them. They were popular before. Most hoses before 2007 are risky. You can get lead-free hoses at RV or marine stores. The hose that you get should have a sign on it that says, ”safe drinking”. Also, The hoses are usually white with a blue stripe. You can find more details at

What About PVC?

PVC pipes are durable and flexible. If you consider using it for gardening, then make sure that your children don’t drink from it. They are called PVC poison pipes. The reason behind this is Phthalates. It makes the pipe flexible, but it’s really bad for the human body. PVC pipes produce endocrine disruptors that affect reproductive development. They also might have a link to liver cancer.

Non-Brass Fittings

It’s not just the pipe that you have to worry about. The fittings are best stainless steel, aluminum, or nickel. You want a lead-free material. Also, it has to meet the standards of healthy drinking. Luckily, harmful products come with proper warnings.

The warning will say something like, “this product contains chemicals that may cause cancer or birth defects”. So, read the label carefully, even if it is in small print.

Hose Habits

You want to store your hose in the shade because chemical leaching may occur. This happens when the hose gets hot. So, it’s a bad idea to keep your hose out in the sun for long periods. Instead, keep your hose in the garage or shed. And even if your hose is natural rubber, store it smartly.

Storing your garden hose right will increase its lifespan by reducing photodegradation.

Spray For a While

There might be water in the hose that is old. That water is bad for children. It affects their brains and bodies. So, spray out all the old water from the hose for a while before you water your garden. You don’t want the chemicals from old hose water near your food.

Don’t Drink Straight from the Hose

You should never drink out of hoses. You should not even let your pets drink out of hoses. There might be a lot of chemicals, strong metals, and flame retardants in it.

Even if the hose is a product of recycling, you never know what the plastic was for before. So, do a family intervention with everyone you care for. Tell everyone that they can’t drink straight from the garden hose.

Check the Soil

A good way to find out if your garden is poisoning you is to get a soil test. If you find high levels of lead, then it might be because of a garden hose that you use. Testing your soil can also tell you the ph level and complete soil profile. It will also assist you in achieving your gardening goals. As for your hose, change it as soon as you can. Even if no one is drinking from the hose directly, plants are absorbing the poison.

Test the Water

You can test the water from your hose with a drinking water test. It will tell you if your hose is leaching or not. To do it right, test the water that has sat in the hose for more than three days. If you find out that your hose is a source of poison, then it is time to buy a new one. So get one that says “for drinking” on the label.

The health of your family is the top priority for all. So, get rid of any source of pollution or poisoning that is harming you and your family. The garden hose can be a source of poisonous chemicals that affect the brain and reproductive health. So, you cannot take chances of a poor garden hose. You should tell your family not to drink straight out of the hose. Also, get your soil and water tests done. They will tell you if you are unintentionally poisoning your family or not.

If you are dealing with a bad hose, then it is time to get a new one. Make sure that you get non-brass fittings. And the hose should have a sign on it that says “for drinking.” The best hoses for drinking water are polyurethane or natural rubber. And, even if you have a very good hose, always store your hose properly. The location should be out of the sun.

When you are using the hose, make sure that you spray out the old water that is in the hose. Old water is harmful, so it is best out of the way. With the right hose, your garden will be free of poisons. You will be able to drink fresh water on warm summer days. And also, eat all-natural fruits and vegetables from your garden without any worry.


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