6 ideas on how to incorporate plants into your kitchen

Incorporating plants into your home is a way of bringing a bit of nature in closed spaces. Beyond the aesthetic element, you must know there are also many benefits in having plants in your house, like the fact that they improve the air quality, they help lower the background noise, they reduce stress and create a positive energy.

If you want to bring this sense of calm and relaxation in your kitchen, below are 6 ideas on how to incorporate plants:


1.Open shelves

Open shelves are great because everything comes in handy and besides, it challenges you to get creative when organizing. So, adding plants, brings the unexpected twist to it.


2. Shelf ladder

If the space allows you to get creative, save some for a shelf ladder dedicated entirely to plants. Among the best plants for apartments, we have snake plant, cacti, succulents, spider plant or iron plant.


3. Choose a corner

Open shelves are great, but if you don’t want too much hassle with the plants, choose a corner where to gather them and you’ll have an adorable result.


4. Mix and match

This mix of Moroccan tiles and vintage cupboard is complemented perfectly by the plants. The ficus tree is the ideal option if you’re a fan of big plants.


5. Subtle accents

If you only want to add a dash of vitality in your kitchen, a flower in a vase by the sink would be a great choice.


6. Abundance of plants

We love the vibe of this open space kitchen that is continued by the dining room. The ivy by the sink gives the room an interesting flow in opposition with the huge cactus in the dining room, who helps balance the energy . The nature vibe is also enhanced by the leaves wallpaper, creating a stunning effect.


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