Decorating Fixes Where Only Superglue Will Do!

Although superglue may not be high on your shopping list, its uses when it comes to decorating fixes are considerable. Whether you are installing a feature or repairing frayed fabric, there is a glue that gets you out of trouble. You may not know that each year super glue sells millions of units and it is used by homeowners as well as seasoned trade professionals.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the decorating uses where super glue has no equal.

Installing Crown Moldings

If you are considering using crown moldings to add that touch of class and separation between ceilings and walls, you will need an exceptional adhesive. When it comes to applying the molding, a quick-drying glue will help you no end. Not only can you position your molding easily, but the glue’s fast-acting nature will mean you will not be holding the molding for too long. That said, support it with fastenings until completely set.

You can also make seamless repairs using the glue providing you are careful and apply with care.

Fixing Wallpaper

No matter how careful we are, sometimes a sheet of wallpaper will develop an annoying bubble. If this happens to you, do not despair. With a sharp knife and a precise cut, you squeeze the air out of the bubble and stick it down with glue. This can put the finishing touches on a decorating project and thanks to drying transparency, the repair will go unnoticed.

Fixing Handles

From time to time, handles will wear out. This is especially true in kitchens where cupboards and draws see more action, and the environment is moist. Over time, this environment creates increased wear and tear.

If you notice handles are working loose, apply some water-resistant glue to keep the handle fastened and secure.

Frayed Power Chords

It is important to ensure moisture does not find its way into your electrical appliances. Over time, power chords begin to fray. When this happens, it puts the appliance at risk.

As such, apply some glue to the fraying edge. This will protect it from wear and tear and seal it from moisture.

It isn’t just the kitchen where this fix can apply. Any electrical cord can be repaired in this way.


Tiles are a little like wallpaper and handles in that they often work loose. When this happens, you can use a fast-acting waterproof super glue to stick the tile to the wall. The waterproof nature ensures that the tile won’t work loose from water making the glue redundant.

Careful application makes for the perfect repair. The better glues come with applicators that allow a precise application.


Often fabrics can be repaired or protected with glue. Should you notice it is starting to fray, use a good super glue to repair them. Ensure that the glue dries transparent and you choose one that is suitable to the room environment.

An excellent super glue can help keep your home in good shape.

Photo by Andrea Davis from Pexels

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