5 splendid golden shelves for your living room

We do most of our favorite activities in the living room and it is also the place where we receive our guests, so it is important to decorate it accordingly to our hobbies. Book shelves or etageres are the places where you can store your most loved books, frames or even plants and it’s the perfect place to get creative an express your personality. Golden etageres have a sophisticated vibe and they bring a spark to any room.

So, here are 5 splendid golden shelves for your living room.


1.Linear edge

The combination of luxurious materials gives this bookshelf a posh sophistication. The golden caged iron framing has a certain elegance, while the clear glass offers space for display and storage.


2. Inception

The double framing of this golden etagere creates an interesting 3 D visual effect. The shelves are made of crystal, adding to the exquisite ensemble and we love everything about it!


3. Modernist Cube etagere

This handcrafted modernist cube etagere looks incredible, containing four antique brass cubes with glass shelving. Blending the best of what’s new in home deco with the great designs of the past, it creates this distinctive golden etagere that fits many styles. 


4. A dreamy pair

This etagere is actually made of two bookshelves arranged like they are reflecting each other, creating a stunning effect. The golden etagere blends airy elegance with Chinoiserie allure. The geometric frame contains six glass shelves, creating a floating effect for the objects standing on it and also the top and bottoms are made of glass for a perfect display.


5. Gold and concrete

This golden etagere is unique because it has a surprise element – the concrete shelves. its three concrete shelves provide space and support by an accordion vintage golden frame. It is ideal for books, decorative objects or plants.


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