7 wonderful teal bathroom ideas

Teal is the color obtained from mixing blue and green and the name comes from that of a bird, who has a similar color stripe on its head. Teal is an excellent choice when it comes to decorating the bathroom, because it makes you think about the depth of the ocean and it helps you relax.

So, if you like this color, here are 7 wonderful teal bathroom ideas:Photocredit

1. Vintage vibe

The vintage vibe of this bathroom is given by the incredible mix between the teal tiles and the copper details. The copper bathtub brings a majestic glow and uniqueness to the decor.


2. A unique sink

This unique sink creates the perfect statement piece and it is made of recycled glass. Moreover, the wood is cut so that the sink sits inside and you can see through it.


3. Starry night

If you love the stars and mystical stories as much as we do, this is or you. This time, it’s teal with a twist – golden stars, that match the mirror and the hardware. Magical!


4. Contrasts

This time, teal comes in opposition with the black and white layout on the floor, creating a surprisingly sophisticated composition. The bronze hardware completes the bathroom in an excellent manner!


5. Work of art

This cement field tile transforms the bathroom into a work of art. These concrete tiles have been handcrafted by artisans for decades and besides being aesthetically pleasing, they are also eco-friendly and durable.


6. Teal bathtub

Can it get any more exquisite than a bathtub made of teal geode? We don’t think so! It’s definitely an amazing addition to your bathroom!


7. Mermaid tiles

If you’re on for some playful decor, this might be a challenge for you. Moroccan fish scale or the mermaid tiles are ideal for ocean-lovers and it creates a stunning effect.


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