How to Create a Dreamy Zen Garden

The vast majority of individuals these days lead busy, stressful lifestyles that can sap them of both energy and motivation. This is the reason why it is more important than ever before to ensure that you have a place to go which is sure to provide calm and relaxation whenever you may need it. The ultimate ‘me-time’ haven? A dreamy Zen garden just outside! Here is how to create one of your very own.

Add a Water Feature

The trickling sound and beauty of a classic water feature can work wonders when it comes to creating a calming outdoor space. The great news is that your garden doesn’t have to be humungous in order to accommodate one. Regardless of the size of the space that you are working with, there are numerous options to consider, including:

  • Pondless fountains: Unsurprisingly, pondless water features and fountains are those that do not require the installation of a pond. This inevitably makes them a leading choice for people who have smaller gardens and who want a water feature that is both easy to install and maintain.
  • Floating fountains: These particular water features work better in larger gardens because they require deeper, larger ponds. They are simply gorgeous and, believe it or not, relatively affordable too.
  • Dancing water features: Dancing water features will certainly add interest to your Zen garden and create a mesmerising water display to help lull your nerves and settle your mind.
  • Cascading water blades: If you are looking for a water feature that is unique and interesting, cascading water blades are sure to get the job done.

You can find water features like this, as well as the equipment and accessories necessary to install them, in various water garden stores and online, like

Aim for Symmetry

Many people find peace in symmetry — and this fact is backed up by science. According to experts, the underlying reason as to why we find contentment in symmetry is because our brains are so familiar with the concept. Our brains simply find it easy to recognise objects that are symmetrical. With this in mind, you should always aim to keep every aspect of your Zen garden symmetrical.

Take Proper Care of It

Regardless of which elements you opt to add to your dreamy Zen garden — and whether you have chosen a traditional or more modern approach to its design — it is obviously imperative to ensure that it is well looked after. Take the time to pull out weeds, rake up any debris, and keep all of the plants watered and nurtured. Now may be a great time to take up composting as a hobby! If you do not have the time available to keep the Zen garden in good condition yourself, hire a landscaper to do it for you. After all, the more unkempt your garden gets, the less relaxing it will be to spend time in it!

Here’s to many hours of Zen and plenty of motivation to complete your goals this year and every year hereafter.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to create a zen garden so these tips are definitely needed! Once the weather gets a little warmer here I’ll be utilizing these tips! Great article!