Predictions for 2020 – 5 New deco trends you should definitely try for your dreamy home

We’re already anxious for the New Year, especially to find up what the decor world is bringing us next. So, we already have five prediction for 2020 one more excited than the other. What do these five trends have in common? Well, they bring peace and quiet and a lot of creativity so check them out:

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1. Comfort, comfort, comfort

Everything about 2020 is about comfort. Living busy lives we always search for a home oasis and a perfect space to relax. So, add furry covers on your chairs decorate your armchairs and sofas with velvet or knitted pillows or add pillows on every corner of your home and always think about layers. So, rather than looking like the perfect museum or showroom, your home should look more welcoming, inviting you to sit and relax anywhere.

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2. The new glamour

When choosing a glam home (like I did) you will see that your style will instantly become more eclectic. Because the glam style is getting more approachable and versatile, being easy to adapt in any kind of home. So, for 2020 everything is getting bolder, more colorful making an interior seem more artsy and eclectic oriented. Your glam home will be a statement with seventies inspired elements, sophisticated decor elements, golden details and curvy shapes inspired from the decadent ’20 era.

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3. Abstract elements

Fun to look at and bringing shape and a creative vibe full or personality in any room, the abstract elements will be a huge deal in 2020. From geometric shapes to sketches with geometrical details, these colorful or black and white elements are great as finishing touches for a space giving it and artsy vibe and a lot of personality. Choose them for your rugs, covers, sheets, pillows or even furniture, making everything in your home more fun and inspiring.


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4. Simple and neutral

Back to basics with a calm way of approaching home decor. Everything gets more neutral, yet the deco elements are becoming more artsy and sophisticated and also more inspired and made from nature elements. Everything looks more spacious, clean and very relaxing creating the perfect environment for a busy life.

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5. Japani style

Talking about a relaxing vibe, the Japani style features the same attributes. Inspired of course by the creative and beautiful Japanese culture, The Japani trend mixes up Japanese elements like rich textures, bird motifs or structured furniture shapes with modern Scandinavian elements. These dual trends bring a clutter free interior filled with beauty and simplicity so choose it for the year to come.

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