5 Nightstand Tables that we’re crushing on right now

When it comes to the bedroom, the bed is usually the main point of attraction, but the nightstands are not to be neglected either. If in the beginning their main purpose was a functional one, usually being a storage space covered by one or more doors, nowadays the visual element has become increasingly more important when decorating a bedroom.

Therefore, below are a few styles of decorating a nightstand:


  1. Minimal with a touch of gold

Having a white nightstand can bring many benefits like making the bedroom look more spacious and cleaner, but it can also get quite boring at times. Adding elements like a golden lamp, a succulent, a retro camera and some books can break the mould.


2. Rustic accents

Cottage bedrooms have their charm and so do the farmhouse nightstands. Nature elements like cotton flowers, small plants or inspirational quotes written on wood bring the perfect contribution to this fairy tale decor.


3. Modern ensemble

This sleek nightstand is the perfect combination between modern and stylish. Because it is made from transparent acrylic, it gives the illusion of object floating in air. This is why, the decor elements are the key part, so a golden alarm clock and a jewelry box create this wow effect.


4. Eclectical deco

Another way to highlight a white nightstand is by layering different styles of artwork. From watercolor paintings to pencil sketches or even a bust decorative figure, put together they can create an outstanding effect. It can be balanced out by a white and golden lamp and a matching tray.


5. Balanced delicacy

Even if we still have a minimal nightstand, this time, having the gold element combined with the white-washed wood, elevates the design. Adding golden elements like vases, frames or leaf-shaped tray and pastel touches can bring balance to the entire ensemble.


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