Mid century and pastels – 5 Reasons we love this new and modern design combo

Get modern and futuristic with the new home decor combo we are in love with – mid century and pastels. This new combo looks relaxing, winter themed and is a fun combo that will make your home dreamy and looking like one from an interior design magazine. So here are five reasons we love this new and modern design combo:

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1. It’s super versatile

From a great idea for a home you can showcase for rent to a great showroom deco idea, this dreamy design and color palette is versatile and looks amazing being masculine and feminine in the same time.

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2. This combo it’s creative, playful and artsy

Provoke your imagination with a creative combo featuring pastels and mid century elements. These elements are super artistic and fun to play with, creating really original and effortless spaces that instantly capture your attention.

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3. It looks both modern and traditional

Take a look at this room; it looks like traditional one, doesn’t it? It’s all thanks to the elegant, classy and timeless mid century furniture. But bringing it a dreamy pastel touch, this interior instantly becomes pretty modern and also chic.

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4. It has a futuristic twist to it

Welcome to the future! The mid century inspired furniture all in pastels and terracotta shades really brings a futuristic twist to it doesn’t it? It’s all about modern shaped furniture and clear and calm colors that make everything looking peaceful and relaxing, two things we always search for and the interior designers focus on more and more.

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5. Is great for a kid’s room

Pastels look great in a kid’s room and so does the fun mid century furniture, being very geometrical and also very playful. So choose smooth pastels for the kids room and also focus on mid century inspired furniture and on mid century inspired lighting ideas.


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