8 Pink and grey spaces – The stylish combo that’s perfect for the cold season

Calm and elegant, modern and classy, pink and grey is a cold color combo that’s perfect for this season. It’s super eye catchy and chic so here are seven pink and grey spaces that will inspire you in decorating your home:

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1. The industrial bedroom

If you have a feminine bedroom and you want to make it perfect for a couple with a touch of masculinity, think of making it more industrial. Stick to a pink and grey color combo and add industrial chairs and lights to the space, along with minimal furniture.

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2. Modern space

If you live in a studio or a small apartment, use cool and modern dividers to make more room. Also, create a modern space with a pink sofa, neon lights, and industrial lamps and give it contrast with grey and dark deco elements.

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3. Industrial vibe

Make a modern bathroom using pink, grey and the trendy black steel. Choose grey marble, pink walls and decorate this space with minimal or industrial inspired furniture and choose the same style for your bathroom products and bottles.

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4. Farmhouse style

If you really want a farmhouse inspired kitchen, this season think about how you can make it more modern. So, choose pink and grey as the main color scheme for the furniture and surround this color with tiny green plants and farmhouse themed deco elements. As, for the chandelier choose the same farmhouse style, but pick gold as their fabulous shade.

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5. Decadent bathroom

The luxurious tones of a sweet pink combined with a regal gray can make for the most beautiful bathroom arrangement. Combining granite, tiled flooring with more cheerful accessories such as a playful mirror with an extravagant pink frame can turn your bathroom into something truly special, that will leave you feeling pampered after every bath. To learn how to create the perfect bathroom Perth-based renovators Kitchen Capital might be worth visiting to sample their stunning past work for inspiration.

6. The classy living room

You can also consider pink and grey for a timeless and traditional living space that revolves around a comfy and oversized grey sofa. Make it more modern with cool framed art and neon lights and also more relaxing and colorful with pink details.

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7. The cool dining space

Make a chic dining space using pink or grey or choose a neutral one and surround it with this cool color combo. Moreover, make this space more modern with cool framed pictures, Scandinavian inspired deco elements and mid century inspired round lighting ideas.

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8. Aristocratic feeling

Divide the room you stay in and paint it in pink and grey. For a bedroom, choose grey for the lower side and the optimistic pink for the ceiling. Choose fabulous items, glam up the space with golden accents and enjoy this modern and unique space.

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