Killer Interior Decor Ideas That Work

Incorporating different patterns into your home’s decorating scheme can be extremely intimidating. With only a few tricks, you can easily mix and layer patterned décor like a pro. It all starts with understanding the basic rules.

When layering patterns, it’s advisable to combine prints in diverse styles and scales. A rug featuring a colorful theme will definitely set the right tone for the whole space. On the other hand, additional layers of complementary as well as contrasting patterns in small sizes boost visual interest. Typically, some of those items include curtains, accent pillows, furniture, and throws. Feeling confused already? Don’t worry. The following ideas provide deeper insights into the best ways of mixing patterns when decorating.

 Use Multiple Colors

This rule-breaking décor idea packs the all the rainbow’s shades to create a bohemian paradise. It’s a truly unique decorating style that’ll convert your home into a gathering zone. The pale blue walls coordinate beautifully with multiple textiles in vibrant colors to create an inviting atmosphere within your space.

However, it’s important to stick with a specific pattern style so as to achieve a sense of cohesion.

Incorporate an Oversized Pattern Rug

Typically, the most prominent pattern in your space should be covering the floor. Utilize a stylish rug featuring an oversized pattern for anchoring your space. Accent pillows in a combination of different styles and scale patterns also provide visual interest. For instance, you could opt to incorporate shibori tie-dyed cushions into your rattan chairs design. You’ll love the magical effect these fittings will bring into your space.

Try Black And White

Geometric patterns can help give your small living room a big dose of pep, especially if it features a monochromatic color scheme. Include two large prints on the wall and the second biggest pattern on the first two chairs. Underfoot, include a wool rug featuring a subtle zigzag pattern.

Play Around With Color and Texture

When it comes to modern living rooms, color and texture play a significant role. Incorporating a bold, pink, geometric rug into your home’s design helps in lighting up those neutral furnishings. Plus, curtains featuring a beautiful abstract design add an extra layer of pattern. Accent pillows provide a classic finishing touch- make sure that you choose different patterns in varied scales for contrast.

 Combine Two Bold Patterns

The simplest way to combine different patterns is to utilize two distinct designs in coordinating shades. For instance, using Mandarin orange alongside indigo blue makes an incredible idea. On the walls, include a bold geometric wallpaper pattern like the Imperial Trellis and then cover the floor with a large area rug featuring a soft floral pattern.

Besides, including a large wallpaper with an oversized floral pattern within saturated black background can work wonders. Then cover your sofa with black and white fabric featuring a lovely pastoral scene. On your painted wood floor, incorporate some subtle gray, white, as well as peach patterns to unite all the room’s colors.

Photo by Lina Kivaka 

 Layer Patterned Rugs

Spice up that neutral room of yours with two different floor coverings. Choose some gorgeous wallpaper, pair them with a simple rug and give your living room an instant uplift. Plus, this will create a happy vibe that you’ll definitely fall in love with.

Use Color Sparingly

To avoid pattern overload, you may want to consider combining a crisp white backdrop together with pops of lovely color.  A woven diamond pattern rug in the living room can create a truly amazing impression. An ottoman rug that doubles up as a coffee table will bring rustic stripes to the party. For the sofas, include some whimsical accent pillows featuring colorful tassels.

 Include Some Organic Prints

Patterns in rich, vibrant colors are now having a huge moment. Pairing a dramatic geometric pattern from Painters and Decorators London with an organic pattern will create a dramatic effect. The line that glossy hunter bookcase of yours with a striking chevron wallpaper and on the floor include a speckled cowhide rug. This will soften your space while also injecting a feel of sophistication into it. A mix of accent pillows, on the other hand, unites all the colors utilized throughout your space into a proverbial rainbow.

 Mix Different Patterns in a White Space

There’s also another creative way of mixing patterns in a white space. Ensure that the rug, chair, accent pillows, and sofa all feature different prints in distinct textures. Wondering how this would like? Well, you’ll be surprised by the brilliance and elegance it will introduce into your home.

What actually pulls the look together are the unique tones of green plus blue that unite with the bold painting of saturated red to create a classic look.

Choose Multiple Shades

If you own a modestly sized space, you may want to consider using three different shades all featuring a similar shade of green. For the walls, utilize a similar shade of green- a trellis wallpaper bearing an organic design would be great.

Polka dot pillows, on the other hand, will add a splash of contrast. Plus, the striped wool blanket on your bed adds extra zest. Nothing feels quite fulfilling like owning a beautifully designed home. It gives you the peace of mind you need while relaxing or having fun with your friends and family.

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Leverage the Powerful Effects of Contrast

Utilizing a combination of low plus high contrast prints in varied colors can help create a relaxing living room.  You can comfortably use up to 10 different patterns or even more.

However, bringing together multiple prints doesn’t necessarily have to look like a colorful cacophony. There are three simple things that make this decorating idea work: sticking to a color scheme, utilizing smaller prints on the bed, and painting the walls white.

The Bottom-Line

When it comes to interior décor, there’s an endless list of things you can do to give your space an instant uplift. All you need is to choose the right colors, stick to one color scheme, mix different patterns, and paint the walls appropriately. The rest is pretty simple- you only need to play around with color and patterns.


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