Deep Carpet Cleaning Vs. Light Carpet Cleaning – Which One Is Better?

Cleaning carpets is essential if you want to maintain its color and improve the decoration of the room. Leaving carpets unclean can accumulate dirt, food, and drink stains, making it look ugly. You can’t clean these things with a regular vacuum cleaner. That’s why you need professional help. The experts use advanced cleaning techniques that not only help to clean your carpets clean but also maintains their softness. Two of the most common rug cleaning techniques that professionals use is light cleaning and deep cleaning. But which one is better? Let’s find out.

Deep carpet cleaning

This is the most comprehensive way of cleaning carpets. Apart from getting rid of the dirt, dust, and stains, it also increases the carpet’s life by maintaining its softness. One of the most common techniques involved in deep carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. The professionals use high-end steam cleaners to remove dust particles from the rug completely.

The cleaner contains water and a cleaning solution. It takes a few minutes for the water to heat up. Once it does, the cleaner will start blowing the steam on the carpet. The carpet’s surface absorbs the cleaning agent along with the steam. This helps the steam to reach the deep layers of the rug. Deep cleaning usually takes longer because the professionals cover every inch of the carpet during the steam cleaning. The steam needs to reach the last layer of the rug to ensure thorough cleaning.

Light carpet cleaning

Hotels and offices cannot afford to have their floors empty for long periods. That is why they need a quick-fix solution when it comes to cleaning carpets. That’s why professionals use light surface cleaning when there is a time crunch. It doesn’t mean the carpets remain partially dirty. Professionals use advanced buffer machines for light surface cleaning. Moreover, not all carpets require deep cleaning. If you are one of those who don’t spill food or drinks on your carpet, you can go for this cleaning technique.

Light surface cleaning involves a combination of two techniques. First, the cleaner will sprinkle an absorbent powder on the carpet. As the name suggests, the cleaning agent will absorb the dust and dirt on the surface of the rug. A little while later, the cleaner will vacuum the entire surface with a buffer machine. These machines are almost like vacuum cleaners, but they are more advanced and helps in cleaning carpets better.

Which technique is better?

This is a tricky question. It depends on the condition of the carpet and the amount of time and money you can afford to spend in the cleaning process. Light surface cleaning is a more inexpensive option. It doesn’t involve cleaning the rug until its last layer. That is why it also takes lesser time to clean. On the other hand, deep cleaning provides a more thorough removal of dust and dirt. So, if you have enough time, choose deep cleaning.

Whatever the process may be, it is always wise to have the contact details of an upholstery cleaner handy. You never know when you spill a glass of wine on the carpet, leaving a dark stain in the middle.

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