White sculptures – 7 Chic and contemporary ways to style them in your modern home

The white sculptures are making a huge comeback and they make me instantly think of a gorgeous French chic space, but also a great way to mix retro and modern look. Also, I think you will get quickly obsessed with these chic elements, so, here are seven chic and contemporary ways to style white sculptures in your modern home:

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1. Retro deco corner

Make an elegant deco corner in your bedroom or living room that can be the statement corner of your home or a perfect reading space in a lazy day spent at home. Choose a statement vintage mirror, autumn flowers and the chicest white sculptures you can find.

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2. The dreamy beauty corner

Decorate your vanity bedroom or bathroom area with a gorgeous white sculpture or more. Also, you can use it as a necklace hanger and also you can match it with flowers or elegant fancy candles and fancy beauty products.

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3. Make your coffee table more artsy

Because the coffee table styling is all about mixing and matching beautiful items to make it the center piece of your living room, you can also integrate in this dreamy decor tiny white sculptures. Match them with art albums, coffee table books and magazine and make the whole room look more artsy.

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4. The elegant side table

You can also think about a statement and bigger white sculpture for your home that will capture all the attention in the room. Choose to make a great contrast and pick a statement white sculpture in a dark room and add it on a gorgeous side table styled with elegant deco elements.

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5. Style a window

Because in the cold season we tend to stay more indoors and look out the window, decorate your gorgeous windows in a stylish way. Use your favorite books, candles, lights and, of course, elegant white sculptures.

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6. The cool cabinets

Sculptures and tiny figurines draw the attention towards a certain space, so pick them for a cool cabinet decorated with neutral elements. Match the white sculptures with green plants and elegant vases and bowls for an effortless look.

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7. Decorate your chimney

If you have a chic white French chic chimney make sure your match it with a gorgeous white sculpture. Everything will look more chic and artsy. Also, give it an autumn touch with fall flowers and fresh up the space with your favorite flowers and plants or make it super cozy with elegant candles.

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