6 Gorgeous Olive home decor ideas for a retro inspired home

We live in a retro inspired season where one of the popular shades is the vintage inspired Olive shade. Elegant, fancy and in a perfect harmony with nature and a retro vibe, this shade will make your home more sophisticated, so here are six gorgeous olive home decor ideas for a retro inspired home:

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1. Elegant living room

Make an elegant and nature inspired living room using tropical wallpaper, oversized green plants and a dreamy Olive sofa made of velvet. This fancy setup will look more sophisticated and retro themed with a golden coffee table around which you can sit whit your friend for coffee or tea.

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2. Olive & golden

Make a hanging out or reading corner using elegant armchairs in the fancy Olive shade. Match them with oversized plants, artistic framed pictures and fancy golden deco elements and furniture.

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3. The classy kitchen

A kitchen space will look pretty glam, retro and fancy by mixing Olive cabinets with golden kitchen appliances and golden elements. Add also green plants in this space and golden and retro inspired dishes, table wear or glasses.

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4. Artsy and retro

Mix olive velvet with nature inspired elements for an unexpected space that you will definitely fall in love with. Mix velvet and the Olive shade with neutrals and get inspired by the dreamy nature with every deco element you choose.

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5. High contrast

Make a cool and elegant contrast between an olive sofa and a dark wall. Make this space glam with golden elements and use plants and flowers to give a fresh and nature themes note to this dreamy interior.

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6. Olive paint

Even an olive paint shade can make a space retro and sophisticated. So, paint one wall of your living room or bedroom in this cool shade and match it with green plants and cool and modern deco elements in neutral shades.

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7. Retro moments

Make your living room as sophisticated as it can be with a retro velvet sofa in Olive paired with mid century elements and a lot of green plants and dreamy flowers. Add also a golden coffee table and a fabulous chandelier that will make this space truly splendid.

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