What’s The Secret To Happiness?

We all want to be happy, but few of us achieve this goal. Is this because happiness is elusive or is it because we’re going about pursuing happiness in the wrong way? Some people struggle all their lives to get to a happy place. Others have given up entirely and cynically believe that it’s not possible to be happy in such a troubled world. A few turn to philosophy or religion for consolation.

Perhaps we are all overthinking it. What if we don’t have to pursue happiness because it’s our natural state? What if all we have to do to feel happier is to meet our basic needs? Once we have a sense of security, our natural state of happiness could spontaneously emerge.

For instance, what if you were to start with creating a dream business, then work from there to refine your pursuit of happiness? Once you have an economic foundation in place, holistic practices and goal-setting will probably work remarkably well in awakening your capacity to love your life.

Make Your Passion Profitable 

According to a thought-provoking article in Gallup, The World’s Broken Workplace, out of a billion full-time workers around the world, only 15% are engaged at work. This means that 85% feel disengaged. They don’t want to be there. They feel bored, stressed out, or bitter.

Dare to be different. Since you will spend most of the hours of your life working for a living, you might as well enjoy it. So, where do you start? First, think about what you love to do and then figure out how you can make a living from it.

Here’s an Example 

Suppose you love weddings. You love the bubbling happiness that shows up at a wedding and think this is how life should be all the time—one peak experience after another.  You think it’s the most enchanting time in a person’s life. Ever since you can remember, you’ve loved everything about them. You love the extravagant décor, the wonderful pomp and ceremony, and the sea of happy, smiling faces all around you.

How can you turn your fascination with weddings into a business? 

One way, of course, would be to become a wedding planner. Perhaps you can see yourself out there at some beautiful setting, pitching a wedding party canopy, organizing the catering services, and coordinating all the details. It brings you joy to mastermind the perfect day for the happy couple and their family and friends.

So, find what you love, then figure out how you can serve others by pursuing it as a business.

Amplify Your Happiness 

Once you’ve discovered your right work, you can amplify your happiness by adopting holistic practices and setting meaningful life goals. Holistic practices can improve your attitude toward life. These might include psychotherapy, meditation, breathwork, and gratitude rituals.

Another way to increase your happiness is to pursue a goal-oriented lifestyle. Build a purpose-driven life by striving to achieve something extraordinary. Choose a goal that will help you become the best version of yourself and that also improves the lives of other people.

Avoid These Common Errors 

The two most common strategies of striving for happiness are working like a maniac to accumulate wealth and power, or adopting a philosophy of defiant hedonism. They are both extremes and neither work. All you have to do to verify they do not work is to look at a few examples.

If you want to be happy, find work that you love. Then add to this basic foundation of a wonderful career by adopting holistic practices and by setting meaningful goals to enhance the quality of your life and the lives of others

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