5 Chair ideas to make your dining space looking like a bistro

Bistro inspired tiny kitchens or dining spaces are super cool right now. They look calm, nostalgic, Parisian chic and they sure are great for this new cold season when you want to sit more indoors to drink your coffee and have a nice dinner. So here are five chair ideas to make your dining space look like a bistro:

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1. The Hoffman Side Chair

This gorgeous model was designed in 1925 by Josef Hoffman in collaboration with Josef Frank. This chair really makes you think of a chic retro bistro and can give class and a romantic vibe to any kind of dining space you add it in.

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2. The Thonet Chair

Created by Michael Thonet, this simple, yet very elegant chair is also known as a Bentwood chair. The most popular chair, Thonet 14, named also The Vienna, was created around 1861 and became a true symbol for all the coffee shops. So, if you want a truly retro and authentic coffee vibe in your own home, choose the amazing Thonet chair.

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3. The Classic cafe dining chair by West Elm

This elegant and versatile chair can make any dining space look classy and timeless. For more comfort, add colorful pillows on top of it that will match your kitchen or dining space.

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4. The Riviera Side chair

This ’30 inspired chair will instantly make you think of the French Riviera and a fabulous coffee place or bistro located somewhere in France. So, for a neutral, white or sea themed kitchen or dining space this type of chair will look simply amazing. Also, it’s absolutely amazing for an outdoor dining area.

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5. The Tolix chair

Created in 1956, this model gained an immediate boost of popularity begging with cafes and continuing with all sorts of spaces. Especially in white, the Tolix chair will look very cool for a fall or winter space, especially when paired with a furry cover for a chic and cozy touch.

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