What to Do in the Garden This September

Now that September is here it’s time to make the most of the final few weeks of warmer weather and prepare for the colder months ahead. There are so many different things that can be done in the garden throughout September, so now is the time to create a list and start getting your garden into good shape or winter. From seasonal sowing to autumnal tasks, now is the ideal time to get stuck into your gardening tasks and spend some quality time in the garden.

Prepare for Winter

During the autumn/winter season we experience lots of heavy rain, wind and snow which all has a negative effect on our gardens. Whilst the weather is still dry and relatively warm, now is the best time to prepare your garden and ensure it’s ready for the heavier weather conditions. From covering up your favourite outdoor dining furniture set, to adding a sealer to your decking, the following list has the essential products to see your garden through the winter:

  • Premium Cover for ROUND Patio Set – Two Wests
  • No Nonsense Decking Sealer & Protector Clear – Screwfix
  • Heavy Duty Medium BBQ Cover – Argos

Cover the Pond

With the bad weather around the corner you’re likely to see some unexpected wildlife using your garden for shelter. Many of these animals may try to take shelter in and around your pond, which isn’t great for the wildlife you currently have living in there. If you’re concerned about wildlife that may cause potential risk to your fish and other pond wildlife, then adding a pond cover is really beneficial. The pond cover will simply help to keep unwanted visitors out of your pond, as well as creating a safety net too.

Image Credit: pondsafety.com

Clean Out the Greenhouse 

Before you begin your new projects for the autumn/winter season, you need to tidy and clean out your greenhouse from the previous season of gardening. Over the weeks during summer it can be very busy and messy and the last thing you want is to head out to start your new projects and be greeted with mess, lack of essentials and so on. By giving your greenhouse a good clear out before the next season of gardening begins you can prepare and be ahead of the game with all of the essentials ready to go!

Maintain Your Baskets 

It’s important to maintain the flowers within your hanging baskets as they will continue to grow until the really cold weather arrives. If you manage to stay on top of de-heading them when they die and maintaining their soil, you’ll find your baskets looking beautiful way into the autumn season. When you notice your flowers starting to die and wilt, simply clear out the basket and prepare it for the new seeds to be planted.

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