5 Ideas on decorating your home with wild prints

The wild prints are back in trend. Get inspired by the beautiful jaguar and leopard prints and integrate these stylish prints in your home. But there is a small issue in styling them, they sometimes tend to get tacky or too much, so it’s time to show you six ways in decorating your home with wild prints:


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1. Mix it with colors and other prints

I love the how rich cheetah print becomes when mixed with glam prints with golden elements or with Earthy tones like terracotta. So, pick it for your pillows and mix it with the prints and colors mentioned above. Also, add a lot of golden details around the room.

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2. Pair with green for a gorgeous jungle look

If you pair wild prints with green elements you will instantly get a jungle inspired look. Green and cheetah match perfectly creating a fancy space that makes your home look like an urban jungle. Pair small furniture cheetah items with a green wall and also mix and match these colors for pillows, covers or for different stylish deco elements.

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3. Mix it with art

Mixed with art, the wild print will become more eccentric and artsy and it will help you get a cool eclectic interior. So, think of colorful pictures or painting or different gorgeous art elements you can add next to it.

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4. Choose it for your gallery wall

Think of a wild gallery wall and choose pictures with jaguars, tigers or just hang a framed picture with a wild print. Mix it with artsy and rich colors and add next to it colorful velvet furniture and golden details. You will love this fabulous corner of your home.

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5. Wild print chairs

The wild print chairs are a thing now. So, from small ottomans, to dressing chairs or even elegant armchairs, choose them for your home. Pair then with neutrals, golden details, flowers and simple elements that will make them stand out and will also help your home have a clean aesthetic.

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