7 Gorgeous entryways that say ,,hello, have a great day!’’

The entryway in really important for your home, it’s the first contact your guests have with your dreamy living space. So, make sure it looks stunning, eye catchy and, most especially, welcoming. Here are 7 gorgeous entryways that say ,,hello, have a great day!’’:

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1. Riviera chic

Imagine you’re in a tropical destination therefore make your entryway looking the same. A Riviera chic inspired entryway is perfect for a French chic home or one in white, green and blue. Also, make this space dreamier with a glam chandelier and white fresh flowers.

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2. Scandi vibe

This versatile entryway goes in any kind of space. So, choose the Scandinavian influences to decorate your hallway and mix light wood and rattan beckets with green plants, fresh flowers and white candles in dreamy globes.

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3. Safari look

Make your entryway an urban jungle with a neutral bench, oversized green plants and exotic framed pictures. This entryway is perfect for a bohemian or Californian chic entryway.

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4. Relaxing vibe

For a summer home or one with a lot of neutral or Scandinavian elements, this entryway is just perfect. Choose natured inspired furniture pieces made of rattan and pair them with flowers and plants and add next to them modern and stylish mirrors and lights.

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5. Modern style

Pair Sea inspired deco elements with fancy pieces such as furry covers or furry chairs. Also, add a magic vibe with candles and retro inspired deco elements. This modern entry way is perfect for an eclectic home, an artsy one or an elegant and stylish space.

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6. Earthy tones

This fabulous idea is perfect for a big home, one that has next to it a big terrace or one that has a stylish Californian chic style. Choose Earth inspired elements and an Earthy color scheme for your entryway and decorate this space with unusual deco elements and a statement framed pictured in the same color palette.

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7. Minimal dream

If you own a minimal home your hallway has to be also minimal to show a hint of what comes next in your home. So choose a light wooden shelf and decorate it with fresh flowers, candles, minimal deco elements and abstract black and white framed pictures.


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