How To Keep Your Outdoor Spaces Cool & Comfortable This Summer

One of the joys of the summer season is being able to spend quality time in the outdoors. It’s easy to create a backyard space that beckons you to come and relax, but it can be a nightmare when things get too hot.

It serves no purpose to create a patio oasis if it is too uncomfortable to enjoy the summer heat. With the effects of global warming being felt in every corner of the earth, the heat seems to be here to stay. When you are planning your outdoor space it’s a good idea to make sure that you incorporate innovative ideas to keep the area cool.

Whether you choose an awning, gazebo or pergola to help give your family and guests some relief from the heat, it’s important to add shade features to your patio and yard. Here are some great ideas that will help you keep your outdoor spaces cool and comfortable this summer.


These crafty water features can be added almost anywhere in your yard. Although it’s not recommended to mount a mister directly above a sitting area, having a mister appliance nearby can help relieve some of the uncomfortable heat from the sun. An outdoor mister can be programmed to go off automatically or can be run manually. They are a super cool way to keep your cool when you are enjoying some time outdoors.

Gazebos & Pergolas

The easiest way to stay cool in the summer is to create some shade. If you don’t have the advantage of having any trees on your property or you have a small yard, a pergola or a gazebo might just be the perfect solution. You can build your own by following an online gazebo building tutorial or you can purchase a kit from your local hardware store. Gazebos and pergolas can add style and comfort to any outdoor space.

Shade Trees

If you are building a new home or planning a backyard makeover you will need to consider the types of trees you will be planting. Although it may take many years for trees to become mature enough to shade a large area, they will be sufficient enough to cover smaller areas as they grow. Trees add a natural and beautiful privacy feature that can be a great way to enclose your outdoor space.

Soak Your Outdoor Paving

When your pavement or concrete outdoor patio sits in the hot sun it can radiate enough heat to make you very uncomfortable. A hot surface can raise the area temperature up to 30 degrees. Keep a hose handy and regularly spray down the concrete surfaces that are in the sun to help keep you more comfortable.

Water Feature

A small waterfall feature, pond or pool can be a beautiful and peaceful addition to any backyard. Along with the design boost, a water feature can add moisture and humidity to the surrounding air, making it feel cooler and more refreshing.


Don’t waste the glory of the summer by spending all of your time indoors. Get out into your outdoor spaces and follow these tips to help make your patio area more comfortable and relaxing to enjoy with family and friends.

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