Time your pool project to be ready for the summer

If you want to swim in your own pool this summer then you should start planning its construction before the hot season comes. It shouldn’t surprise you that most of the people begin to think about purchasing an above ground pool when the summer is already here. Well, by the time you will receive the pool, install it and hire a pool builder to verify it, the warm days of summer will be long gone, and you will not be able to use it until next summer. Spring and summer come with hot days and dry weather so many pool builders are busy with installations therefore you will probably have a hard time trying to find an available expert.

The best solution is to have your above ground pool installed off-season, here is why.

You decide when you want to install it

Pool providers are not busy during this time of the year, so their schedule is open and they can deliver and install the pool whenever you want. If you want to install it on the weekend, you have more chances the builder to agree if it’s off-season.

You save cash

During summer, you will hardly find discounts on pools, but many pool providers charge less for extra benefits, off-season. In addition, if the installation requires extra plumbing or cutting tree roots the builder will probably charge you less because they are not busy.

You will have the pool installed no matter your location

Pool providers have to cover a large area for delivering their products, but during summer, the distances seem even greater. They will find more difficult to deliver the above ground pool during summer if you are living way out in the country. If you order the pool off-season, you have greater chances to receive it fast, and the builder to travel to your location to install it.

You can install the pool regardless of its size and form

As you can expect a builder charges more for a bigger pool, but they don’t make as much per hour to refuse multiple smaller projects and take yours. During the hot days of summer, they prefer to do a job that takes less and save the complex projects for cooler days. If you will choose to install the above ground pool prior spring, you will definitely enjoy it the entire season.

You don’t have to sacrifice the pool for the sake of timing

It pays to remember that once you purchase the swimming pool you will have to use it for a long period, so make sure you are happy with your choice. If you know that you cannot commit to an in-ground pool above ground pools are an alternative option. An above ground pool will not take longer than a day to install it, so you have greater chances to find an available builder, but a composite fibreglass one is typically installed in a couple of weeks. A concrete pool can take even several months.

Why should you have your above ground pool installed prior summer?

We’ve put together some of the main reasons why you should have your pool installed prior summer, here they are.

You can take the plunge whenever you want

During summer, it’s quite humid and hot outdoors, and you will definitely feel uncomfortable if you want to spend time outdoors, or host a BBQ party. If you have your above ground pool installed, you can hop in whenever you feel uncomfortably hot. Whenever you decide to spend time outdoors, you should have your swimsuit on, you never know when you want to cool off. It’s one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time outdoors without suffering from the heat.

You can exercise outdoors

You may be an active person, but during summer, it’s more than difficult to go for a run. Your backyard pool will allow you to exercise and enjoy doing it even during the hottest day of the summer. You can perform numerous exercises, from swimming, to water aerobics and even water jogging. Swimming is an amazing total body workout because it has a low risk of injury.

You have your own outdoor resort

If you choose a beautifully designed model of swimming pool, it will be more than just a bunch of water in the back of the house. It can transform your backyard into a relaxing outdoor oasis where you relieve your stress and spend quality time with your family and friends. Spending time in the water is one of the best ways to help your body relax and to get rid of stress. An above ground pool can become a relaxing and inviting outdoors centrepiece.

Once the pool is installed, it will act like a fun and relaxing place for your entire family to spend time together. You will never want to leave your backyard, you’ll only want to swim and barbecue by the water.

You can convince your children to spend more time outdoors

Nowadays it’s quite challenging for children to stay outdoors, especially if the temperatures are high. But with a pool in the back of the house, they will no longer feel boring to spend time outdoors.

With a swimming pool in the back of the house, you may be worried that your children are more likely to experience an accident. Well, above ground pools are safe for children and you can easily keep an eye on them if you place the pool in a visible spot. You can rest easy knowing that your children spend time together with their friends in a place where you can supervise them.

You bring a beautiful addition to your house

When you decide to install an above ground pool, you can choose from numerous construction materials, sizes and shapes. You can fully control the look of the swimming pool, and create the space you have always dreamt about. The options available on the market give you flexibility with your space and budget.

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