Top 10 – The perfect Living rooms for a chic summer

In the summer time your living room should be fine, or even dreamy! So, we will show you ten inspiring living rooms that will match your summer dreams. Check them out:

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1. Cool afternoon

Make an artsy painting the main deco piece in your living room and surround it with modern deco pieces. Also, choose a palm tree for this cute interior and add it in a clay pot.

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2. Mid century accents

Make a mid century living room summer themed by adding big green plants all around the room and also chic oversized cactuses.  Also, choose a golden chandelier and colorful statement pictures that will surround the sofa.

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3. Boho and exotic

The bohemian style, the retro furniture and the exotic elements go perfectly together this summer in creating a dreamy living room. Surround this space with oversized green plants and also add tropical framed pictures all around this vivid room.

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4. White summer

This summer you can also go white and also keep the hygge vibe in your home. Choose a furry black and white rug next to a white sofa and add gorgeous neutral plants and paintings.

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5. Calm mood

If you love the Scandinavian style, this summer choose a calm living space. Mix a grey sofa with wooden deco elements and add beautiful trees around this stylish room.

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6. Artsy day

Make a vintage sofa more modern by surrounding it with modern art with an abstract touch. Mix sketches with paintings and neutrals with bold colors; you will love the artsy result!

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7. Abstract mood

This summer get inspired by the art deco style and match glam furniture with abstract art and make a modern interior that will stand out. Choose bold colors and a lot of golden details to make this space truly dreamy.

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8. Simple and chic

Even a simple living space can be chic! All you need is a velvet sofa and a summer inspired print in a pastel or in a tropical color scheme. Add also cute colorful candles and your favorite framed pictures around this lovely sofa.

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9. Pink and green

This summer make a retro combo by mixing pink and green velvet. Also, make this space dreamier with a vintage inspired coffee table and a statement home tree. Amazing, right?

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10. The statement rug

Give more personality to a neutral living room by choosing a statement rug. In the summer think of an ethno inspired print and imagine you’re planning a great trip ahead.

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