10 Living Room Design Tips

The living room is often looked at as the most important area of your home, but it’s also one of the most difficult rooms to decorate. Here are 10 quick tips to help you make the living room an engaging space for company, family and friends alike.

1. Paint

The right paint can make a difference. Dark hues can make even the largest rooms look small, so stick with lighter colors to open things up. Also, colors like yellows and reds add energy while light blues and whites create a calming effect.

2. Sofa

Many homeowners think a couch is just a couch, but choosing one that compliments your style will go a long way to making the room feel complete. Don’t be afraid to change out your sofa if it just doesn’t fit with your design plans!

3. Coffee Table

A living room without a coffee table is like a bet without sheets: it’ll do, but it never really looks quite finished. Make sure the shape and size fit the area and compliments the sofa while the coffee table height shouldn’t be too tall so it overpowers other furniture.

4. Flooring

Many homeowners forget about the floor and how it can affect the mood of the room. Carpeting can be complimentary but can also be difficult to maintain. Hardwood makes a statement, too, and can be accented even further with throw rugs as well.

5. Arrangement

It can be tempting to take the easy way out of room design and push sofas, chairs and end tables up against walls to create the biggest possible space in the center of the room. This doesn’t take into account traffic flow or any focal points, so keep that in mind when placing furniture

6. Focus

To make a room feel complete, there needs to be a focal point for the area. Whether it’s a room feature, beautiful chair or colorful painting, arrange the room to draw the eye to that point, giving the room a feeling of purpose.

7. Conversation

As focal points go, all too often chairs and sofas are set facing the television, or even worse nothing at all! Place seating to promote conversation and let your guests enjoy being in your home with you.


Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects to plan around, lighting should help accentuate the features of your room. It might help to find interior designs in Los Angeles or near you to give advice on lamp and fixture placement.

9. Windows

Window treatments have generally faded in design circles, but since your living room is a place meant to showcase your home, it’s the perfect area to go all out. Remember to keep things more subtle unless you intend them to be a focal point.

10. Livable

The most important thing you can do for your living room is to make it usable. It would be a travesty if your hard work choosing expensive furniture, wallpaper, rugs and lighting if everything was too good to be used!

Arranging your living room should be a joy resulting in a space that is accessible by all. Look in your area for great interior designers to help you create a space that is the pride of your home!

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