All You Need to Know About Modular Homes

Whether you’re planning on building or renovating a home, you’re about to make some huge decisions. And now we want to throw an additional option on your list: modular homes. Thanks to the many benefits you’ll learn about below they could be the construction solution you’ve been hoping for.

Don’t worry, we’ll discuss the topic in depth so you know exactly which option to pick going forward.

What is a Modular Home Exactly?

The construction industry has many different terms that can be confusing. You may have heard of mobile homes, modular homes or manufactured homes. No, they’re not all the same.

While manufactured homes and mobile homes can be moved even after their initial setup, a modular home is a permanent structure. What makes it unique is that it’s constructed in a factory off site. The components are then transported to your premises and assembled on a fixed foundation.

Why Should You Consider Getting a Modular Home?

So, why has this type of home become so popular? It carries many benefits both for your pocket and for practicality:

  • Because it’s manufactured in a factory, weather doesn’t affect the building process. This means construction time is shorter and the cost is less.
  • Modular homes are more energy efficient which can save you money in the long term.
  • These homes often don’t depreciate in value.
  • You don’t require an onsite home inspection as this is all done in the factory.

This results in a more cost effective and effortless process than building on your premises from scratch. Especially if you’re adding more rooms to your current building, you can carry on with your regular routine and simply have the new parts added to your structure when they’re ready.

Can a Modular Home be a Dream Home?

Of course, a home isn’t only about the structure you purchase or set up. A real home will look and feel comfortable. Is that possible with modular homes?

Take Your Pick

Simply because modular homes come from factories doesn’t mean you have to settle for a one-size-fits-all option. These homes are available in a wide variety of designs, types and shapes. And yes, you can have one customized so it matches exactly what you imagine your dream home to be.

This also means you’re not limited on size. Whether you’re planning a small unit or a large mansion, a skilled architect can help plan your structure. And if you want to expand in the future it’s an effortless task; simply order more rooms and add them on. The concept can even be applied to office and corporate spaces.

Add Your Decor

Once your structure is in place you can start decorating the area. Because a modular home is a permanent structure you’re assured of a sturdy backdrop to your furniture. The homes are strong enough that you can fix the heaviest of decorations to the walls.

Because modular homes can be made of different types of materials. Pick the one that matches your preferred décor style and enjoy having a consistent theme running throughout the entire house.

It’s clear that the option you may not have considered could be the best option yet. Oregon modular homes should be on your list of options. Your dream home is waiting in a factory somewhere; is it time to go out and find it?

Photo by Thomas from Pexels

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