6 Practical and cool bathroom organization ideas

The bathroom is this year’s sanctuary and the perfect space to run away from a busy day. So, make it clutter free and pretty relaxing using one of these six easy organization ideas. Check them out:


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1. The cool ladder

One of my favorite storage solutions, the wooden ladder, is great especially if you want a Spa feeling in your bathroom. Also, it goes with a neutral and relaxed bathroom or a dreamy Scandinavian design. Also, this is a great storage solution for towels, it helps you keep them all lined up and they also look pretty dreamy on it.

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2. The cool industrial shelf

I know you don’t think that much about the industrial style when it comes to your bathroom but an industrial inspired shelf or storage solution can look pretty cool in a black and white or modern bathroom. Also, pick a storage solution that’s pretty high and has more shelves and mix and match your bathroom products with deco items and tiny plants. Everything will look dreamy and well organized.

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3. Above the bathtub storing solution

If you have a bathroom space with a bathtub, take advantage of the space that above it. Make it retro inspired and pretty exotic and store different items you need on a shelf and then just think of paintings and oversized plants when decorating this dreamy space.

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4. The high cabinet

Take advantage of all the height you have in your bathroom and choose a high cabinet that can help you store all the items you have in your bathroom. This solution is great especially if you have a tiny bathroom space.

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5. The glam table

This storage solution can make you think of a SPA or even a hotel, it’s also super glam and classy. So think of a retro inspired golden table for your bathroom and add it next to your bathtub. Then, style tiny things on it in a dreamy way.

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6. The long wall shelf

Use your walls as shelves and give your bathroom an elegant spa feeling. The long wall shelves help you store towels and your favorite bathroom products. You can also add baskets and boxes on them to hide the items that are tiny or not that pretty.

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