7 Summer themed corners that will inspire you in planning your next vacation

Sometimes just a corner of a room can make your whole home really special. So, style at least one corner of your home in dreamy way – it can be in your hallway, living room or bedroom, it’s just important to be special and stand out! So, here are seven summer themed corners that will inspire you in planning your next vacation.

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1. Ethno and glam

Think of the Mexican style inspired by Frida Kahlo and all the amazing cultures that use bold colors in their home deco and make a cool summer corner in a daring shade. Pair it with works or art and add also a very classy armchair.


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2. Retro vibe

Get trendy this summer with a retro inspired corner. Start with a vintage inspired chair or a cool painting featuring a retro picture. Also, choose for this corner a lot of green plants and an ethno rug.

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3. Californian style

Nothing says an exotic and chic summer more than a Californian inspired corner. So, choose a rattan chair in a seventies design and pair it with exotic plants like cactuses, rattan elements and printed ethno elements such as a cool chair cover.

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4. Moroccan look

The Moroccan look is super popular this season, so pair a rattan armchair with a lot of black and white pillows and oversized plants. Also, hang framed pictures focusing on a neutral color scheme or with color that make you think of the wonderful sea.

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5. Looks like nature

Pair a lot of green plants or a green wall with ethno inspired elements. This exotic look will instantly make your home feel like summer every day, even in the rainy ones.


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6. Glam and artistic

Think of the art deco style and the mid century design and design your summer corner around a velvet chair and golden deco elements. Also, choose a retro inspired golden mirror for this dreamy corner and surround it with a colorful gallery wall.

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7. Floral touch

The floral elements are a must-have this summer, so choose floral inspired furniture, curtain or gorgeous floral wallpaper. This romantic print will give your home a romantic and day dreaming touch that’s perfect for the summer season.


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