7 Bedrooms with plants you will fall in love with this dreamy season

Most of us love nature and we can’t get enough of it. That’s why in the most relaxing space of our home, the bedroom, we tend to decorate everything with a lot of plants in sorts of species and sizes and create our own outdoor space, only indoors. These elements help us find our calm and inner peace, but they also look truly dreamy. So, here are seven gorgeous ideas on how to decorate your bedroom with plants.

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1. The new palette bed

Palette beds are super popular this season and they make the perfect space for a lot of green plants. So decorate your palette bed and room with green plants, add ethno rugs around the room and also decorate your wall with your favorite pictures and sayings.

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2. Bohemian mood

Make your bedroom the ultimate enchanted forest and choose a canopy bed decorated with dreamy lights. All around it add your favorite green plants that will make this interior look like a relaxing spot from the nature. Also, don’t forget more boho elements for this space like printed rugs, knitted covers and rattan lamps.

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3. French chic vibe

Mix a lot of green plants with the beautiful French chic vibe. Pick a lot of darling pink details for your bedroom and next to the green plants add retro inspired furniture made from velvet.  Moreover, add neutral rugs and cute golden elements.

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4. Glam touch

Choose a lot of tiny jars and a statement green plant for your bedroom. To make everything glam choose golden pots, dreamy lights and make a memory wall with your favorite photos and inspirational pictures. Also, mix your green plants with fresh flowers, added also in golden vases.

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5. California dreaming

A bedroom filled with plants is the perfect recipe for a Californian chic space. So think of the wild, Wild West and the new cool Navajo trend and pick a statement printed rug, brown details, furry deco elements and exotic prints and framed pictures. Also, choose cactuses in different sizes, the perfect elements for a Californian chic interior.


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6. The modern factor

Green plants fit perfectly into a modern interior, painted in a popular shade for 2019. Choose neutral sheets and pillow for this space, add a touch of pink and choose nature inspired pictures and painting that will emphasize on the nature theme of the room.

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7. Chase your dreams

Make your bedroom the perfect interior for daydreaming, yet also for a good night sleep. Pick neutral sheets, especially white ones; they bring a calm feeling to the space. Also, choose a lot of green plants around your bedroom and decorate the space with boho dream chasers.

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