5 Reasons you will love the bold Navajo trend – A modern cowboy approach for home decor

The fashion world revolves around the cowboy look, so this year think about this cool and bold look also when it comes to home decor. From the color of the sunset to different shades of blue, rich patterns and a deluxe approach for the rustic style, here are five reasons why you will love this eclectic style, inspired by the Mexican culture:

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1. It has the beautiful colors of a sunset in the desert

Think of the beautiful colors of a sunset in the desert and bring those colors into your dreamy home. Choose them for your wall, deco elements and even prints for your furniture, covers or pillow cushions that will make this space colorful and sophisticated. Also, these colors will look great with decorative cactuses; your whole home will really look like a sunset in the desert.

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2. It focuses on elegant shades of blue and gorgeous classy furniture

Think about an elegant style filled with traditional accents from different cultures. So paint your walls in different beautiful shades of blue and match them with fancy furniture or elegant pieces. Than, decorate the space with rich prints in bold shades.

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3. It has beautiful prints that give personality to your home

A lot of the beautiful prints of the Navajo style make you think of Mexico, so get inspired by these beautiful and colorful prints and add them all around your home. From your wallpaper, to printed furniture, covers, rugs or drapes choose creative prints. Also, you can match them with neutral furniture to really make them stand out in the room.

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4. It features one of the most creative tiles

Think about these amazing tiles with a cool geometrical game and add them in your kitchen or bathroom space, they will make any space looking very creative! Match them with laundry baskets with cool prints, original sinks and walls painted in daring and elegant shades.

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5. It brings out the happy colors you see in a Mexican poncho

Think of any colorful poncho add choose a cool sofa or daybed or even armchair with this lovely and happy print mix. Also, choose these joyful shades for your rugs or drapes and match them with blue and neutral elements in grey, white or black, you will have a creative and contrasting interior you will love.

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