5 Reasons why the Mushroom Lamps are the coolest deco idea for your nighstand

Created in the ’50, Mushroom lamps gained a huge success in the ’70 and are now back in trend! Because this year is a lot about vintage pieces that make huge comebacks, Mushrooms are a statement lightning piece made to stand out on your lovely nightstand. That’s why you should definitely consider this fabulous piece when redecorating your dreamy bedroom. If this argument isn’t enough, here are 5 Reasons why we love the Mushroom Lamps:

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1. They look pretty creative

Their look really makes you get creative to make your nightstand more beautiful. Also, they can be that eclectic piece you need in any kind of space. So pair a glam Mushroom lamp with an exotic space or match a modern one in a retro inspired bedroom.


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2. They stand out

Having a cute and dreamy design that looks like a mushroom, these vintage lamps will definitely stand out on your nightstand and they will make this space of your bedroom the star of the room.

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3. They are a great glam piece

Searching for a fabulous nightstand? Then, choose the golden vintage inspired Mushroom Lamp. It will be the star of the room and it will instantly pop out. Match it with any kind of decor, from boho, to tropical, retro or even a minimal one because this piece is super versatile!

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4. They glow

If you want the hi-tech and newest version of the Mushroom Lamp, then, choose the new one that glows. You will instantly have a pop of color in your home and this item is great for a masculine or modern interior one or one with futuristic influences.

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5. They make you create a styling story around them

Because this lamp is so creative you can also start getting more creative and make a dreamy styling story around it the Mushroom Lamp. Nevertheless, this year is all about details and the idea to style every small and gorgeous deco item in your home, so get started with this lamp.

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