Keeping Your Outdoor Spaces Comfortable In The Summer Heat

Summer is the time to get outdoors and enjoy all the glory of the sunny season. For those who live in the south however, you will likely be looking to avoid the heat of the blazing sun. A hot summer can force you indoors in a hurry if you don’t have a comfortable space to retreat from the heat.

Why spend time and energy trying to create the perfect outdoor space if you can’t use it in the summer? With careful planning and innovative design, you can avoid the hot rays of the sun and enjoy your patio or yard in comfort in any season.

From strategically planted trees, stylish gazebos and patio covers, you can enjoy the outdoors in any weather. When you start designing your outdoor space, weather shelter and sun coverage should be a priority.

Retractable Awning

Take advantage of the convenience of a retractable awning attached directly to the outside of your home. These durable and protective canopies can be easily installed to your specifications in the perfect size for your space. Walk directly out your door into the shady comfort of your outside patio. Don’t worry about rain or the stifling sun when you can instantly pull out your awning anytime you need it. Protect your sunshade from harsh weather by easily being able to retract and secure safely in just minutes.

Gazebo or Pergola

Choose any spot in your yard to install a full-sided gazebo or a pergola to shade your dining area. Your gazebo can include privacy screens and mosquito netting to keep you protected from the bugs and nosy neighbors. A wooden or steel pergola can be adapted easily to the size of space that you have. Whether you choose a spot closer to your house or further into the yard, a pergola can give you stylish but more casual sun shade for the summer. Plant ivy and vines around the base of your pergola and watch the plants grow to create a natural sunshade over time.

Patio Sails

Using boat-quality sails as a unique shade option has become a popular option in many modern yards. Made from the highest quality nylon and canvas, these three sided sails can be suspended between your home and surrounding trees or other anchors. The unique size and shape of patio sails can accommodate even the smallest or awkwardly shaped outdoor space. They are an attractive and affordable option for many homeowners.

Shade Trees

Don’t count out nature’s own sun protector, the mighty shade tree. As you plan out your landscaping, consider planting large shade trees that can mature around your home. Magnificent trees including live oak, maple, elm or willow are excellent and sturdy choices to help keep your home and outdoor areas comfortable in the hot summer sun. Be careful to never plant a large tree too close to your home, as you will want to avoid having potential hazardous limbs hanging right over your roof.

Photo by Gotta Be Worth It from Pexels

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