Triple bunk beds for small rooms

Let’s help you conserve space with great designs.

No matter how big a space you have in your bedroom, getting the right size of beds is a must. When it comes to small rooms that would be occupied by more than one person and when space is a problem, well you would have to get a bunk bed. This is a style which stacks one bed on the top of another and sleeps two people. Regular bunk beds come with similar design of a stairs either by the side, it the middle or wherever is the best spot along the bed frame and considering space. Modern day bunk beds come with cupboards, shelves or even desk.

Triple bunk beds are three beds in one. They are sturdy constructions which are a perfect fit for children’s rooms or your vacation home. It comfortably sleeps three people with single mattresses due to the size of the bed. Its design is based on functionality and the need to providing each individual sleeping in the bed enough room to sit up. They also happen to be a great space saver, available in easy and affordable options.

The choice of design for the triple bunk bed will depend on the size of the space in which it will be. Will it be in a room that has a slanting roof? Are the ceilings high enough? Is the bed for teenagers or adults? What kind of materials will be used? Wood, metal? All these questions need to be answered when deciding on your triple bunk bed. Let’s help you with some tips on how to get the right triple bunk bed for your room.

Think Safety

This is a condition that has to be addressed no matter who the bed is for but most especially if the bed if for kids. Safety here refers to how high the beds will be, the type of materials to use (if for kids, wood would be an excellent choice as metal might have sharp edges or be cold to the touch), the type of bed design to adopt and how accessible all levels of the bed will be.

Arrangement of the beds

The bed arrangement refers to the different styles of the bunk bed. A regular bunk bed might afford you the opportunity to experiment with different possible styles, so will the triple. But, with a space constraint, the design of your triple bunk bed would most likely have to be simple and functional, making sleeping space and accessibility your priority as opposed to a flamboyant and envious design. In all, it should be arranged in a way that does not take up all the space in the room.


The theme of the beds is another important thing to consider. This is especially important when choosing the design for your triple bunk bed. Also, it is largely dependent on the sleepers. It is fairly easy to design themes for kids as they have their superheroes or favorite cartoon characters. For adults, consider lining the walls by the side of each bed with photographs or paintings or even a curtain to give each bed some privacy from one another.

Room Size

Without a doubt, this is the most important factor. The room size, most especially when it is a small room, makes getting a triple bunk bed a must. The size also refers to the space and height of the room. Since the space is small, a regular design of bunk bed which is, stacked one on the top of the another, would work best. The height also will determine how the high to go with the bed. If you have kids, be careful with heights as they are prone to moving around and might slip off the bed.

Build Style

Although when we think of bunk beds, we imagine one on top of the other, there are other possible styles for the build of the beds They could be side by side along two sides of a wall or you could opt for a trundle bed (a bed that rolls from underneath the frame of the lowest bed) as one of the three beds if the space is small and the ceilings are not high enough to stack one bed on top of another.

It should be made of strong materials

This is very crucial. Either wood or metal depending on your choice, the bunk bed has to be sturdy because of the weight. Remember, it sleeps more than one person and most likely stacked one on the top of the other? Then invest in a strong material that can carry the weight like wood, strong pine.

Make it Accessible

Most functional bed designs have the ladders on the front part of the bed frame making the beds accessible for climbing to the top bunk. Considering the size of the room, make sure the ladders are placed in a position that maximizes the space available. Placing the bed by a window might not be a good idea since it is a triple as opposed to a regular bunk bed. 

Make it stylish

No matter how small the space is, try as much as possible to make the beds pretty for the room. Choose great materials when give the room a great finishing look and great themes to suit the different people whose beds it is. If you have it in a small guest room, consider going with decoration the sides of the beds with pieces that make the room beautiful.

Triple bunk beds are very functional and help conserve space when it is a problem in a room. Choosing designs depends on what you want, where the bed will be used (regular bedroom or vacation house), and the space the bed will fit into. You also, the bed does not have to be restricted to only a ladder attached to it, it could also have a desk, cupboard, shelves for books or knickknacks.


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