6 Dreamy office spaces that welcome Spring

Get more inspired while working and get more motivated by making your home office space spring themed. Add a little bit of color, think about elements that make you think of spring and add a positive vibe in this dreamy space. Here are six ideas for you:

1. Colorful days

Add a trendy colorful gallery wall next to your spring office space. Pick framed photos showing spring prints or cute colorful posters or ads. Also, mix colorful chairs with a minimal table and a lovely retro or industrial lamp in your favorite color.

2. Artistic vibe

If you love pastels, this spring try a lovely pink shade for your office space and mix it up with artistic framed pictures and a retro inspired color palette. This nostalgic and artsy vibe will help you get more creative, so this space is perfect if you have a creative job where you have to use your imagination.


3. Retro fantasia

Pair an industrial inspired office with retro elements and you will have a trendy interior that’s perfect for this spring. Make it more happy and colorful with your favorite spring flowers and retro inspired framed pictures and also add colorful small deco office items you need for work.

4. Retro vs. modern

Mix retro elements with modern furniture and you will have an office space that’s trending this season. Add also glamorous golden deco elements, creative pictures that make you think of spring or vacation and start working with a good motivation!

5. Neutral mood

For a calm vibe in your office space choose a neutral color scheme but give it personality with some black and white ethno prints for the framed pictures or rugs you pick in this space. Also, add a dreamy and practical chalkboard on your wall.

6. Ethno vibes

Bring the happy spring spirit into your office space by adding a colorful ethno rug, that’s super popular this season. Also, glam up the space using golden elements like paper trays or golden handles and decorate this space with adorable tiny green plants and your favorite framed pictures.

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