Top SS19 bedroom trends

With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer it’s evident that spring is swiftly approaching. It’s time for a spring clean. Out with the old and in with the new. Why not use that time to add fresh touches to your master bedroom and incorporate some of the upcoming interior trends for the SS19.

We’ve teamed up with experts of fitted bedrooms Newcastle to bring you top bedroom trends for your spring redecorate.

Color, colour and more colour

The upcoming season is all about colour with surrealism dominating design shows and expos. Chose a colour blocking design – mixing patterns, colours, materials and statement furniture.

If you’re brave and a lover of colour opt for neon – bright orange curtains, neon green bedposts and purple throw pillows.

Or choose bright accessorise to give a space a bright feel without disturbing your current layout and furniture. Purchase quirky bedside table decorations or contrasting colour throw pillows on your bed.

If you are looking to have your colour trends right on the nose, then consider incorporating Pantone Color of the Year 2019 – Living Coral. Boldness is in this season so how about coral ceilings for a statement?

Minimal, monochrome, industrial

Monochrome and minimal designs are not going anywhere. Exposed brick walls, palet DIY bed frames, steel pipe shelves and other modern touches are a must for a minimal industrial bedroom. Don’t be afraid of dark colours, make a statement with bold shapes. Make accessories as such the main focal points of your bedroom.

To achieve the ultimate Pinterest minimal monochrome bedroom, incorporate pops of green with clever use of house plants. Pro tip: house plants improve the air quality in your house or apartment.

Rich, sultry boudoir

Think heavy red velvet drapes, mahogany bedposts and patterned wallpaper. If that’s a little too much for you, consider bringing in more sultry finish pieces in your bedroom such as jewel-toned cushions, velvet finish armchair, gothic style candle holders or a fancy chandelier.

For the ultimate luxury feel complete the room with a boudoir vanity – they’re back in! The glamour of a vintage vanity adds an extra special touch for top-notch visual impact.

If Victorian isn’t your cup of tea opt for light and breezy design pieces such as canopy to create a more enclosed and intimate feel in your bedroom. Decorate the inner perimeter with fairy lights for an extra whimsical touch.

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