Getting to know the Japandi trend – a reinterpreted Scandinavian style

Maybe you already heard about the Japandi style, a mix of modern and rustic Scandinavian elements along with traditional Japanese details. And since we love the Scandinavian style so much and we love the relaxed vibe of the Japanese decor, here are five things to know about the cool and trendy Japandi style:

1. It features a functional interior

Both styles are based on a practical elements, less furniture and clutter, but rather than that more statement pieces. It’s not about a lot of deco items that look pretty, rather than a few that look absolutely gorgeous!

2. It has a minimal vibe

Both cultures feature minimal furniture and deco items, so think about simplicity when it comes to Japandi style and embrace a life without clutter where all you can find is beauty.

3. Japandi style is both neutral and warm

While the Scandinavian style focuses on cold shades, Japandi bring a warm color palette that’s perfect for the warm season that’s about to come and perfect for a retro inspired or exotic room.

4. You get to have two style of furniture with Japandi Style

This dreamy design style combines both styles of furniture and therefore it has a great contrast: between the light colored Scandinavian style and the dark Japanese look, while the first one is more casual-comfy or bohemian and the other one more elegant, which leads to the perfect design mix. Also, you will see a contrast when it comes to heights: from the low floor Japanese furniture to the higher Scandi one.

5. It’s calm, relaxed and brings you closer to nature

This style screams: go and relax! So choose this splendid style for a sea side home, a vacation house or an apartment where you want to stay calm and enjoy your time at home. This style goes great with oversized plants and these along with its natural and neutral elements make you constantly think about nature.

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