9 Dreamy rooms that will give a vacation vibe

In a desperate need of a vacation, no time or nowhere to go? Well, we’ll give you an easy solution. Escape in your own home by decorating at least a room in a way that makes you think of a dreamy island that’s far, far away from home. Here are nine dreamy ideas for you:

1. Home lounge

Besides earthy tones, green and other colors that remind you of a lonely island or the sea, pick furniture and deco items in materials that remind you a lot of nature and add around them oversized plants.

2. Artsy day

Add neutral chairs around your living room that remind you of lounge chairs and decorate the room with a lot of framed pictures. Also, add around the room benches with comfy pillows, that will become perfect spots for small gatherings that remind you of hanging out at the beach with your friends.

3. Relaxing day

This inviting and comfy idea is perfect for a large living space. Just add neutral sofas in Earthy shades, beautiful flowers, and oversized plants and a statement picture with a nature theme. To glam up the space add a dreamy chandelier and enjoy your tropical home!

4. In a neutral way

This minimal and neutral room is the perfect calm spot to remind you of a lonely island far away from home. To emphasize the relaxing vibe, add sheer lamps, wooden tables and comfy covers.

5. Boho paradise

Start living in a boho paradise filled with tropical framed pictures, neutral sofas, armchairs and oversized plants. You will love this scenario that will easily take your mind on a perfect lonely beach.

6. Retro vibe

A retro room in vintage colors can easily give you a tropical mood and also a nostalgic feeling. So pick a daybed in a shade that reminds you of nature, like green and surround it with funky colors that remind you of the ’70 or ’80. Everything will look super cool!

7. Casual day

In a corner o your home, make a spot that remind you of a tropical terrace. Pick outdoor chairs in relaxing pastel colors and surround them with lots of small green plants placed on shelves.

8. Earthy tones

The way different shades of brown combine with green in this dreamy room can instantly gives you the vibe of Earth, nature and a tropical island. Add oversized plants around this inviting living room and also pictures that show emotion and enjoy a relaxing weekend at home.

9. Just relax!

Using a fabulous daybed and oversized plants create your own relaxing spot at home that will make you feel like sitting on a cozy hammock or chaise on the beach. All there is now left to do is just sit and relax!


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