10 Bohemian rooms that will make you wish to relax more this summer

Start your daydreaming in a bohemian room, arranged in the perfect dreamy way and with relaxing deco items and a comfortable furniture that will make you want to just sit home and relax. So, did you start wishing yet? Here are ten gorgeous ideas for you:

1. Midnight summer dream

Rust and the Earthy color shades are great for a bohemian summer, especially paired with the green from the oversized plants and some dreamy lights. Also, for a more relaxing vibe in your lovely bedroom, pick rattan furniture and enjoy a perfect summer at home.

2. In rust we trust!

Pick the gorgeous rust for your dreamy bedroom and decorate it with other neutrals and create a great and calming contrast with white. Also, make a dreamy plant arrangement on a dreamy staircase using small flower pots and also pick creative curtains with quotes that inspire you.

3. The dreamy hallway

Pick a wooden cabinet for your lovely hallway and the most comfortable and dreamiest ottoman you can find. Add also green plants in neutral vases and mid century inspired mirror and lamps. Everything will look just lovely!

4. The cool and boho bathroom

Add colorful printed tiles in a neutral bathroom and mix them with oversized green plants. Add also a cool curtain and an Ethno inspired rugs that will give a great boho vibe to this relaxing looking space.

5. Home oasis

Pick a retro bathtub for your living room or bedroom and add exotic vibes around it, like a rattan lamp, some tropical framed pictures and cute raffia rugs.

6. Californian chic living room

Pick Earthy tones for your living room and choose leather sofas to add a little bit more style to the space. Also, along with oversized plants, add dream chasers, Ethno rugs and the whole space with look Californian, bohemian and super relaxed!

7. The tropical desk

Pick a desk in a happy and tropical color like yellow or arrange and add around it bohemian details like plants, a rattan chairs and puffy covers. This way, even your desk will look relaxing and you will love working from home.

8. Start daydreaming!

Add a touch of pink in a relaxing bedroom filled with neutrals and decorate the whole room with artistic pictures that show emotion. You will love this relaxing space so make sure you add an extra comfy sit next to the bed, in a design that reminds you of a beautiful exotic terrace.

9. The classy dinning space

Make a mix between classy, boho and fancy and add a statement mirror next to a dining room table filled with boho prints, nature inspired vases and tropical fruits. Add around the room flowers and green plants for a relaxing and dreamy scenario, perfect for this summer.

10. Nap time

Make everything super relaxing in your bedroom and add you mattress directly on the floor. Also add dreamy details in the room using floating lamps and dreamy candles.

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