Bohemian style for a cheerful home

In the past 2-3 years, bohemian (or boho chic) ​​style has lost some of its former brightness, barely seeing one house or another. Today, the basic trend is either to adopt a style inspired by nature – with indoor plants, natural wood furniture and neutral decorations – or embracing a contemporary theme – with simple, clean, comfortable lines. We are not saying that there would be anything wrong, but this market seizure made the boho style to be forgotten unjustly.

A room decorated in accordance with the rules imposed by the bohemian style is a dynamic and very personal space, pleasant, cheerful and welcoming. But it is equally true that there is a risk of falling prey, very easily, excesses and extremes, and getting a seemingly crowded and messy space. Yes, but it will be a romantic disorder!

As a basic rule, no matter what room you decide to arrange, in every style, always start with the furniture. In the case of boho style, start with the bed, which must basically be confused with the floor.

What can better remember nature than plants ?! While letting all that natural light come into your room, why do not you let nature itself get you into the air. It’s time to pamper yourself with those apartment plants that you love the most and spread them all over the bedroom.

Comfort is the key to any style of design. Fortunately, boho style allows us to “overpower” the bedroom with pillows in a variety of colors, sizes and virtually infinite patterns, so you can choose from.

Be creative and bulky with the lamps, lamps and lamps. Suspended, mounted on the wall, placed next to the bed or next to an armchair, with the bulbs visible or covered by some special lampshades, the lamps will give eclectic air.

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  1. Thank you for the suggestions. BoHo is usually too cluttery for me. But I do like the pile of magazines with the plant sitting on top.