A painter’s dreamy studio in Brasov

I’be been wanting to show you these for a couple of good weeks, well, since I visited Irina Neacsu‘s Brasov studio. It’s been a while, I actually posted a vlog too, it’s in ro, but if you wanna catch the vibe.

The home of the studio is a historical house from the Black Church’s ( Biserica Neagra) patronage restoration portfolio. Quite amazing and eerie, as you can see the old paintings on the walls, recently discovered after a layer of tiles.

How did I resist all those amazing paintings? I actually didn’t, as I came home with three watercolor illustrations, two for me and one for S@ProjectFairtyle.

The place is Irina’s personal studio, as well as a creative hub for  creative people, it hosts painting workshops & more. So, if you happen to be in Brasov and want to attend a workshop or just to check out the art, give Irina a sign and I’m pretty sure she’ll love to have you.

psss: check the Bucharest studio also 🙂

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