8 Enchanting tips on how to make your bedroom look bigger

We may have a bigger living room, but the bedroom is always a problem in terms of space (maybe it’s because of the closet and the clothes) and we need to fix this issue fast and with easy tricks. So, we gathered eight dreamy and easy tips on how can a small bedroom really seem bigger:

1. Add a room divider

From a classic room divider or a rug that you can add bellow your clothing rack, anything that divides a space can give the illusion of a bigger room, instead of one room you will actually see two.

2. Decorate your walls instead of having a lot of furniture items

Frames are so cool right now in the deco world that you don’t need a lot of deco object to make a room really stand out. So add as many frames you want featuring fashion shots, famous photos or abstract art pictures and make the most out of your bedroom.

3. Add an office instead of a nightstand

Because you may need a table  next to your bed, even a small office table (mounted on a wall) will really work. In this way you will have a multifunctional bedroom where you can store your essentials and also work.

4. Always have a space that’s not decorated

A less cluttered corner will bring this happy and clean vibe to your whole bedroom. So pick a wall, a door or a hidden closet that will be your empty, clean and spacey corner of the room.

5. Leave the windows less cluttered

Because a window gives the illusion of space, keeping it as simple as possible will give you the feeling of a bigger room. Just add a plant or a pretty decor item and your room will have a dreamy vibe.

6. Add vintage mirrors

A lot of mirrors can give the illusion of space to one room and the vintage ones are my favorite ones for the bedroom. Pick as many as you wish and add them on top of your desk, on an empty wall or next to your bed or closet.

7. Pick floating shelves in light colors

Floating shelves in colors that match the walls give the illusion of space and of objects floating in thin air. Also, when you pick floating shelves instead of a classic bookshelf or a big desk you will see how many space you can save and how less cluttered a room can feel.

8. Make a great contrast

Pick white walls and colorful furniture such as a pink armchair, a desk, some colorful art or wall frames. The room will have a great contrast and it will also seem pretty spacey.

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